Organizational Sunday Week #3

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Heather says

This week’s organizational challenge will tie neatly into the next couple of  weeks. We’re getting started on clothing and laundry. I usually see it recommended to start by putting all of the clean laundry away. In my experience, clean laundry generally piles up because it feels like there isn’t a good place for it to go or that it’s simply too much hassle to deal with the whole . With this in mind, we’re starting with those storage areas.

Open the linen closet, cupboard, under your bathroom sink, or wherever it is you store the majority of your household’s linens. Some of you will have a bigger job than others if you use your linen closet to store first aid supplies and household cleaners.

linen closet organization

This week’s goal is to get this space organized. If you have towels or blankets that you no longer need, they go into your donation bin. In general, animal shelters are glad to take these items. If it’s not near you, it’d probably be a good idea to call first as wasted trips are never fun.

How many sets of sheets and blankets do you need for each bed? In general two sets is enough, but I can understand a third with small kids in the house. (Have you seen what the stomach flu can do in a night?) And if you like having flannel sheets in for cold months, I get that, too. If space is really at a premium and you could use this room for something else, consider storing your spare set of sheets under the mattress of its bed. If you choose this option, don’t fully fold the items or you’ll encounter Princess and the Pea Syndrome.

If you have more than that and storage is at a premium, keep only your favorites.

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If it’s a jumbled mess in your linen closet, pull everything out, one shelf at a time. Neatly fold and put the items away.

If you live in a humid climate, it might be a good idea to invest in a something like Damprid to keep mildew from getting out of control. Grabbing a warm blanket on a cold night is one of life’s pleasures until you get a face full of a funk.

Good luck

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  1. Well, I got it halfway done. It’s the cleaning supplies that seem to be the problem. I did donate a bunch of unused sheets & so on. I hated to donate the Dora the Explorer sheets, but my daughter no longer uses them.


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