Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #18

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Heather says,

The effort involved in this week’s challenge will depend on your pack rat tendencies. This week’s goal is to get rid of excess magazines and books that no, you are not going to read. 

The Friends of the Library is a great place to donate old books and quality magazines, like National Geographic. Check with aging care facilities and hospitals, too. If you choose to give magazines instead of recycling, be sure to remove your name and mailing address.

If you find that you are a magazine hoarder and always have more magazines than time, let’s start putting a solution to the problem into place. Look at the magazines you have not gotten around to reading and cancel the subscriptions. 

You don’t need another physical reminder of how much time you don’t spend on the things you want.

If you are saving magazines because they contain a recipe you want to keep, take a picture of the recipe and save it to a private board on Pinterest or in your phone’s camera roll —Look Ma, no copyright infringement!


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2 thoughts on “Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #18”

  1. Please, your local library does not want your old magazines, particularly National Geo. Magazines, even in libraries, are almost all read online anymore and libraries can not sell them. Recycle them or toss them, depending on the disposal rules of your area if that is what you were planning on doing with them.

    And most libraries (academic and public alike) will have a copy of their donations policy on their site, or available for anyone to look at on request, which might be useful before you start hauling books down for donation.

    – a long time librarian and library board member


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