Organizational Sunday #9: Clear Your Counters

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Remember back in January, week 2 to be precise, when we tackled the entryway? If you are anything like me any free counter space quickly attracts all kinds of clutter. What I quit stashing by the front door, likely found a home on the kitchen counters.

Today your mission is to clear your counters of anything that doesn’t belong.

organize kitchen counters

Take a hard look at your small appliances while you’re at it. Do you have both a coffee maker and a Keurig on the counter? Do you need both? Would one be missed if it were stored somewhere less convenient?

Since I take a lot of photos for this website, I’ve slowly built a stockpile of dishes and cookware that I don’t necessarily need for every day use, but don’t want to box up and hide it in the garage.  I found these shelves on Amazon and they work wonderfully. I really didn’t like storing my large enamel dutch oven (it’s heavy) in a lower cabinet, as it was always a pain to get out. Not everyone needs the amount of cookware I keep on hand, but it’s an option if you find yourself short on kitchen storage with a little room elsewhere. 

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That’s it for this week’s challenge, but if you find yourself with a handful of fiddly odds and ends that you aren’t sure what to do with. Don’t just toss them in the junk drawer, you’ll just be dealing with them next week.

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3 thoughts on “Organizational Sunday #9: Clear Your Counters”

  1. Where do you keep the shelves? I have similar ones that lived in the garage (right next to the kitchen) at my old house but are now in my spare room upstairs holding the extra sheets & towels, and things I don’t need all the time like Christmas decorations. If I were to put my dutch oven up there it would never get used.

    • We have an unused room off of the kitchen, I suppose it’s supposed to be a formal dining room, but it is out of the flow of the rest of the house. It’s right next to our pantry and has windows. If I were to put the shelves in the garage, I’d be in the same boat. Wherever the items are stored has to convenient or the clutter just piles back up.

      • My laundry room is right next to the kitchen – and is also the pathway to/from the garage. I currently have some high narrow shelves mounted in there that aren’t very useful – I’m thinking I may try to put shelves like these in there – I’m just not sure if having them all the way down to the floor would make it too difficult to get in and our of the washer & dryer. We’ll see – it’s not something I really paid attention too when I looked at the house. The other funny thing is after I closed – I discovered I didn’t have any kind of coat closet , nothing on the first floor anywhere near the front door to put coats. So I am currently looking for some kind of coatrack or hall tree that could be used


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