Organizational Challenge Week #5 – The Great Laundry Round Up

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Laundry round up organization challenge

I’m sure you saw this week’s challenge coming. Two weeks ago, we straightened up the linen closet and last week we made room in our closets. This week, it’s time to head into the laundry room and anywhere else your laundry lurks. Today your mission is to put away all the laundry that is anywhere other than where it belongs. This is why we cleaned up the closet(s) and linen storage first.

Learn more: There are a lot of laundry tips and tricks on the Wash It page.

There generally is a method to the madness around here. Not always though, not always.

If there is a shirt waiting for a button on the dryer, either replace the button OR admit you’re never going to and get rid of the shirt.

Do you have socks without their mates waiting for their loved ones to return? Into the rag pile, if it’s meant to be one day they’ll be dust rags together in the great laundry basket in the sky.

Do you have a stack of delicates waiting for their turn on the delicate cycle? Today’s the day.

Tip: How To Launder Unusual Items

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If you have empty detergent jugs or boxes, get rid of them. Clothes waiting to be donated? Into the donation bin they go. (I have a mental image of that scene in Monty Python: Bring out your dead! No one around this house would appreciate my satire of a satire, if I went around collecting socks in this manner.)

If space allows, set yourself up for success, bring hangers into the laundry room so you can hang items straight out of the dryer.

Next week we’re going into the pantry (cupboard). Get ready.

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2 thoughts on “Organizational Challenge Week #5 – The Great Laundry Round Up”

  1. Well, I only got this partway done. Can the fact that there were two school snow days count as an excuse? I did take advantage of those days & my daughter now knows the basics of cleaning the sink & tub. So it’s still a win, in my eyes. 🙂


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