Organizational Challenge Sunday Week #15

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Heather says

This week is a continuation of last week’s theme, getting your finances in order. Last week we took stock of our finances, making sure money is allocated to the right places. Having the money to pay your bills is just the first step, the next is making sure they actually get paid. 

This week your job is to set up a system to ensure each bill is paid on time.

Don’t rely on only your memory, sometimes life gets busy and we get thrown off our routines. Having an automatic reminder can save a lot of hassle and money.

Personally, I use an app called: To Do Reminder, but something like Remember the Milk, Google or iCalendar may work for you. Each bill is its own task and the reminder should be set before the final day the payment needs to be mailed or paid depending on your preferences.

Not long ago, I had an issue in which the post office decided —I never got a reason why— to stop delivering some of my mail. I only discovered the issue when my insurance agent called to ask if I had moved. No. . . why? We have several statements addressed to you marked Undeliverable: Return to Sender. Thankfully I didn’t rely on that paper reminder to pay my car insurance. I logged in and paid it when the reminder popped up on my phone. If I had missed my car insurance payment, my license would have been suspended and I may not have noticed which could have caused a cascade of problems.

This week, set up your payment reminders. Those of you who have a partner handle the bills, ask in a non-accusatory manner, how they make sure that the bills are paid on time. While having this discussion make sure you have access to the accounts that they manage. If something were to happen to your partner, not having this access could make things much worse.

Have a great week!

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