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Dear Home Ec 101:

I know I should have paid closer attention on Monday, but I’m a procrastinator.  We’re having spiral ham for Easter dinner.  I’ll be serving 8 adults and 2 kids, how big should my ham be?

Also, do you recommend a specific sauce?

-Ham Tied Yankee

Heather says:

I’m sure you aren’t the only one in this predicament.   If a bone-in ham is part of a large buffet type setting, estimate just over two servings per pound, for example a 7lb ham would yield approximately 16 servings.

If the ham is the feature of the meal, you can only expect slightly less than 1.5 servings per pound.  A 7lb ham would yield about 12 servings.

Of course, when reviewing your guest list, take a look at who is invited.  If Uncle Bob, known for his large appetite and carnivore leanings is listed, you may want to estimate on the conservative side and buy a larger ham.  On Monday we’ll be asking for and sharing ideas for leftover ham.  I have a few personal favorites that ensure I always make extra.

Spiral hams are often sold soaked in a glaze.  Before deciding on your glaze or sauce take a look at the ingredient list.  Is there a particular seasoning you’d like to to compliment already in the ham?  If so, consider adding it to the sauce you choose. No one in my family is particularly fond of a strong clove flavour, so I rinse the included glaze from our ham.  It does not rid the ham of all clove traces, but it certainly mutes it.

Our favorite glazes:

Finally, Yankee, double check your dinner menu, fridge, and pantry before you make this last run to the store.  Tomorrow will be filled with coloring eggs, locating the misplaced baskets, and trying to clean for guests.  You don’t need another chore on the list.

Happy Easter!

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