Monday Morning Confessional, I Have Jury Duty

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Heather says:

File this one under, “Sometimes I really wish I had a normal 9-5 job so I could keep the days of the week straight.”

You know how on Sundays the chore chart reminds everyone to check their schedules?

I forgot.

This means I completely spaced, until five minutes ago, that I have jury duty this afternoon.

This being human thing? It’s for the birds.

So tell me, what air headed thing have you done lately? Hopefully they won’t take my phone away and your comments will entertain me until I have to pay attention. Oh and tomorrow? We leave for Minnesota, 24 hours in the car with kids, send some good thoughts in this direction and include some caffeine in those thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Confessional, I Have Jury Duty”

  1. Was driving with my 20 year old cousin, and suddenly couldn’t remember his middle name.  When he told me, it’s the same as his Dad’s first name.  So of course, I blurted out “I didn’t know you were a Jr”.  Which he’s not.  Because his first name is completely different.  I just reinforced his belief that everyone over 40 is CRAZY!

  2. For some reason I didn’t realize you were bringing the kids. I feel even MORE sorry for you–if such a thing is possible. Too bad you didn’t get stuck w/a murder trial or something. hehAnd completely off topic, what do you suggest for hardwood floor cleaning w/regards to mopping? We have a “dry mop” but all it gets rid of is the dust and w/two kids and a dog, I need to mop this sucker. 

  3. Since we’re sharing…  Yesterday, I took some bagel dough out of the fridge only to see a wee black bug on top.  Because no one would be the wiser, I shrugged and picked the bug out; then I discovered another one.  And another.  I freaked and went to toss the entire batch, but riiight before the dough hit the bin can I realized that those “bugs” were actually the larger-than-normal bits of black pepper that I -always- use in my bagels.  D’oh!  (See what I did there?  Bagel d’oh?)

  4. I am totally calendar challenged.  I bought a computer application to do nothing but watch my Google calendar without my having to remember to do it and keep me on track.The funniest brain-fart this week wasn’t mine, but my friend’s.  Yesterday, on a whim, she invited me on a shopping trip and we ended up at Goodwill, where I found a new-looking, very dressy light raincoat – something I’ve needed for years.  On the way home, we were blessed by a sudden summer thunderstorm, which had died down to a light drizzle by the time we got back. Since I only needed to go a few steps, I wasn’t going to bother to take the raincoat out of the bag.  As I was getting out of her car, she looked at my bag and said “how are you going to get that in without it getting wet?”  I looked at her and blinked a couple of times.   “It’s a raincoat; it’s made to get wet!”  We broke up laughing…it was a great way to end a pleasant afternoon.  ;o)

  5. How about making a nice, big batch of home made bread (3 loaves worth), get them into the oven, then open the microwave to fix lunch and find the oil and honey you put in there to warm slightly is still there…and not in your loaves!!

    • SheilaPetersonSwift oops I accidentally hit delete instead of reply. I’m sorry if you get a couple of emails because of that. And yes, exactly like that. At least I’m not the only squirrel brained person here today 🙂


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