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Heather says:

So, I know this post is out of my normal scope of coverage, but as you know I’m working with Method ( #CleanHappy) and this is their news for this month*.

Transparency: I know very little about style and fashion -home or otherwise. I tend to make things up, ask other people if I look ridiculous, and if given the right feedback I stick with it.

This is why I have the whole retro thing here and in my closet. I know I look kind of cute in A-line dresses and no one has ever pulled me aside and said, “Heather, you really need to stop wearing that.”  Related, I got to do a photo shoot with Skirt! Charleston not too long ago and here’s what they published. So that’s enough about me and how I muddle through trying to be trendy and cool. . .

Orla Kiely Method products simply are trendy and cool. It’s part of their strategy, they know consumers want beautiful, effective products and they want consumers to use ecologically friendly stuff.  To accomplish this Method has teamed up with Pattern Maker Orla Kiely for an exclusive, limited edition product line only available at Target and the MethodHome website. Orla Kiely is very eco-conscious and strives to share her sustainability values, so this partnership is a win for everyone.

If the patterns don’t catch your eye, perhaps the scents will catch your nose.

(Did I seriously just write that? Yes, and quit with the parenthetical asides, some people hate them, you know. Fine, whatever.)

Bay Leaf Hand Soap GelBay Leaf Pear Ginger Gel HandwashPear Ginger**
Primrose Handwash GelPrimrose Vanilla Chai

Pretty, right?

Quite. And just like all the other Method soap products, they are free of dirty ingredients like: parabens, pthalates, triclosan (y’all know I rant about there being no need to kill every germ out there), and EDTA. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (and oh, I can’t wait to tell you about some really cool stuff they have coming up later this year) AND the formulas are biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about the water supply. Hey, some of us do.

Did you know you can talk to Method on their Facebook Page? Seriously, they’ll answer your questions. I’ll also be happy to answer your questions, too.

AND later this month there’ll be a sweepstakes on the Facebook page. Here are the details (Yes, just stopped myself from writing deets. Apparently I’m channeling a 20-something this morning and not stopping with the parenthetical asides.)

When: August 22 – August 31
What: US residents may enter to win 5 grand prizes of an Orla Kiely handbag filled to the brim with the limited collection Method + Orla Kiely line. 30 runner-ups will receive various Method + Orla Kiely products.  (If you don’t know what her stuff looks like, I googled it for ya. Muy cute!)

*yes, that’s called disclosure, folks.
**My favorite -I’ll be stocking up on the dish soap for my kitchen sink.

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  1. Love the designs… (but I’m really attached to my smells)! After sniffing them all at Target, and looking like a complete dork, I seriously considered buying the “pattern” I love and refilling it with my favorite (sweet water).


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