Menu Monday Week 47

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Transparency – About six weeks ago my insomnia got bad enough that I finally visited my doctor. Bad enough is my euphemism for completely out of hand and I wish I’d gone sooner. The funk is clearing and I’m sleeping better which is giving me energy beyond the have-tos. We’d managed to keep the house in good enough order, well as much order as four kids allow, but there were a few things that have been neglected.

I found my cleaning motivation, it was hiding under the depress/anxiety. 

How to get yourself motivated to clean a messy home when life is overwhelming.

I know many of you are relieved that the Countdown to Turkey Day is over. I hope you had a lovely holiday and got to spend time with friends, family, or both. Somehow Ray, my fiance, and I managed to have a mostly kid-free weekend. Which, with four children, is quite rare. We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was nice to do things on our own schedule instead of feeling like cruise ship directors and referees. And yes, for me that included quite a bit of cleaning… to each their own.

This week, we’re back on track with the kids in school, so it’s time for a Menu Monday. I hope you have a great week, please feel free to share anything that you’ll be cooking or experimenting with in the comments. 

  • Monday Baked ham, okra, rice and cranberry sauce. 
    Why? We had Thanksgiving at my mother’s and my oldest asked Ray if we could take the ham home with our leftovers. I didn’t realize he liked ham that much and they were on sale at the grocery store this weekend. Easy enough and we need to use up that cranberry sauce.
  • Tuesday Ham on Monday means Beans and Rice on Tuesday with Cornbread
    Season navy beans with a leftover ham bone to a filling dinner that can slash your grocery budget.
  • Wednesday – Shepherd’s Pie – I’m hoping to get some pictures of this. It’s been a very long time since I’ve made it.
  • Thursday – Clean Out Refrigerator Night
  • Friday – We’ve made a fun twist on Falafel, recently, in which instead of the traditional parsley and seasonings, we swap cilantro and chili powder. With chipotle sauce instead of tzatziki, it’s something the whole family digs 
  • Saturday – Chili, salad, cornbread
  • Sunday – Roast chicken, roasted carrots, roasted brussels sprouts, rice and gravy
    I may switch out from a traditional roast chicken to our CrockPot Sticky Chicken to free up room in the oven, but I’ve not decided, yet. 
    How to roast chickenSticky Chicken for the Slow-Cooker

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