Menu Monday Week 3 2016

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Heather says

I hope all of you are doing well. I think there may be a slight misunderstanding as to what the Menu Mondays here on Home-Ec 101 are. These are the weekly meal plans for my family. Generally the plan includes at least one item that I have not yet posted on the site, but am considering. If the recipe seems like a good fit for Home-Ec101 and I have the time to photograph it, I will post and link to the recipe. The intent for the weekly menu planning exercise is to inspire some of you to plan menus that fit your family’s needs, not to dictate what you should eat each day of the week. I appreciate those of you that participate.

If a recipe does not turn out well, I will not be recommending or linking to it. This is for your good and mine. I frequently use  older Menu Mondays on this site to figure out what I want to make next week or a year from now.

If you are looking for ideas or have questions, a comment or an email is a wonderful way to participate in the community. However, if you’re feeling the need to send a rude email about how a plan doesn’t meet your preferences and I need to do better, just hit unsubscribe. It’s okay, I keep the unsubscribe link right at the very top of the newsletter for this purpose. 

And for the record, yes, I know, we eat a LOT of tacos. I believe that menu planning for a family is a collaborative effort. 

My goal is for this space to be a positive place where we encourage one another. Constructive criticism is welcome, rude comments are not. 

Menu Monday, share what you're having

Here’s a printable to make planning your weekly menu and grocery list easier

What are you planning serving this week?


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8 thoughts on “Menu Monday Week 3 2016”

  1. I love your site, great tips, great tools, and it was through your menus (on SayMMM) that I found you! So sorry people feel the need to be taco haters and share it with the world. This 49 year old mostly SAHM really appreciates your site, the extra insight and “refresher” home-ec course, and I used it to help teach my daughter. Your description of how clothes really get clean has to be my favorite tip, when I cannot make my own laundry detergent, I get an inexpensive brand, use just enough to assist the water, finally got the right temp for the clothes,don’y overload the washer, (those clothes gotta move) and have saved BIG TIME on money in the laundry room. Thank you so much, you have been a blessing to more than you know!

    • Thank you. I was trying to phrase it in a way that didn’t come across as fishing for compliments. I’d just had enough of people being rude in response to something they read voluntarily, for free.

      I am glad that the information has been helpful. I’m excited about this year and what I’ve got planned for the site.

  2. Sunday – CORN
    Monday – pork tenderloin, mushroom gravy, rice, and side veg (carrots?)
    Tuesday – beef stew (crock pot)
    Wednesday – chicken breasts with pesto, roasted potatoes, and side veg (green beans?)
    Thursday – lasagna
    Friday – baked salmon, roasted veg: carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash
    Saturday – spaghetti and meatballs, kale salad

      • That’s pretty funny.

        The kale salad we have every Saturday is from a bag. Sue me. JK. I’m sorry you got sanctimonious email. I was actually thinking that January would be a good time to resurrect one of you old posts wherein we discuss finding the dining room table, reducing the takeout, and acknowledge the usefulness of convenience food (and/or maybe disposable tableware) as a baby-step towards better eating for those who find themselves very off-track with their eating habits. Lemme see if I can find the one I’m thinking of in the archives ….


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