Menu Monday Week 2

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Heather says

A few *ahem* years ago I had a teacher whose catchphrase was “Monitor and adjust”. It was her way of having a plan, but rolling with the punches and not going completely off the rails just because life isn’t playing the way you think it should. 

Last week was one of those weeks and we played along. We got takeout and made some comfort food, but it’s all okay. 

And? It’s not the menu planning that failed last week. We had the options, we chose not to use them and some of the items will be made this week. For instance yesterday, instead of making meatloaf, I roasted two chickens. The leftovers from last night are going to be used in an experiment, a planned over, that will either be amazing or dreadful. Since we rarely have dessert, tonight I’ll also make an apple crisp, just in case the experiment is not what we envisioned. 

My rambling point is this, menu planning isn’t graded on a pass or fail basis. Some weeks will work and others, not as well. At the end of the week, no one is going to shame you for sticking to it or not. It’s a tool that you can choose to use or deviate from as needed. Having a plan just gives you more options and less overwhelm.

Here is a printable to help with your menu planning

What will you be having this week?

  • Monday – The great experiment: Chicken pot pie, but with a tater-tot crust. I’ll make it in a casserole dish, instead of a pie tin. I saw it on one of those little videos that are incredibly popular on Facebook. It intrigued me, but not their version (it was all canned this and that). I’ll use my chicken pot pie as the base, and go from there.  
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday, there is a butcher we visit almost every week. They make their own chorizo (Mexican, not the Spanish version) and we just can’t get enough. Salads
  • Wednesday – Hoppin John, cabbage, cornbread 
  • Thursday – to be determined
  • Friday –  Red Curry, coconut rice
  • Saturday – Baked potatoes and chili
  • Sunday – Shrimp Etouffee

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