Menu Monday the COVID reset

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It has been a long month in our home. Well, it’s been a long eighteen months for everyone, but this month has been especially difficult in our household. Somehow (well, it’s not that big of a mystery if you look at the news) COVID got into our home.

My husband showed symptoms first and he was quickly isolated. I slept on the floor of the little girls room. We delivered supplies and meals to Ray and ensured there was no contact. We were diligent. Masked, scrubbed, disinfected, washed…

Unfortunately, it was too late. When it was time for the six of us in the house to get tested after his positive test, there were three positives and two included our youngest girls. We held on to the hope that the high fevers they had a couple weeks before were COVID and the test had just caught the tail end of the infection.

We were not that lucky. Our teenager had nary a sniffle or even a scratchy throat. The two year old had mild fevers and was just a general joy to be around. (Yes, there was some sarcasm). After a few days, the three year old, started to droop, began getting quite sick and we ended up at the ER twice with her. She’s well on the mend now and should, thankfully have no lasting effects. The COVID infection seemed to set her up for bacterial infections and she’s not as perky as before, but she will get there.

My PCR test came back negative but I had fevers and a terrible headache before the girls got sick.

Who know what that was about.

Our friends and family kept offering, what can we do? I don’t know. I was too overwhelmed to know what to ask for.

Before I felt unwell, I smoked a turkey and made a big batch of turkey soup. I was scared both Ray and I would get sick at the same time and the teens would be in charge of the littles and it would devolve into Lord of the Flies. (My teens are responsible, I just wouldn’t be me without a little over-dramatizing).

Long story short, the mother of my daughter’s best friend messaged me and said, what kind of soup do you want. THAT was a question I could answer. She brought over a batch of chili. We were all on the mend by then, but I was so exhausted that choosing a meal was not even on my radar. Her taking the overwhelming choice of “How can I help?” and breaking it down into a much smaller decision, “What soup would you like?” broke the paralysis.

So there’s a little lesson in there somewhere. Instead of asking what can you do to help. Ask a specific question, it’s much easier on the recipient. I know people want to help and I was trying to do what my therapist says I should and LET people help, I just froze like a deer in headlights every time someone asked. (And that is NO ONE’s fault, don’t you dare take it personally, friends who are reading this).

That chili was a Godsend. I’m tired, just to my bones tired. The leftovers are being eaten right now and I’m planning this week’s menu.

I am grateful that the school district has chosen to go virtual. The numbers here aren’t great and I don’t want anyone in the ER with their family members in pain.

To make this week easier and to preserve MY sanity, it’s Menu Monday Recovery Style.
This means it’s going to look a lot more like a Week one of my Meal planning primer than usual and I don’t care.

  • Monday (leftovers)
  • Tueday – Turkey pot pie – I saved one of the breasts from the turkey I smoked for this. Caesar salad Also, I’m cheating and using store bought crust.
  • Wednesday – Grilled cheese and tomato Soup. The kids will get normal grilled cheese. I’ve started making mine a little bit fancy. There’s this shredded cheese I’ve been buying in the Hispanic section of the grocery store (I’ll look at the package more closely next time I buy it) It’s a pretty neutral cheese. I use one piece of bacon, and a couple sun dried tomatoes and that shredded cheese on the inside of the sandwich. On the outside, I use the thinnest spread of butter and then some jarred pesto. The soup is more of a maybe if I feel like it. We might just have chips.
  • Thursday – Meatball subs – I made meatballs a month ago and put them in the freezer. I’ll heat them up in the oven. Put them in some marinara. Toast the rolls under the broiler and top them with provolone
  • Friday – We’re ordering pizza. There’s no football game, due to the school shutdown.
  • Saturday – Smoked Pork Shoulder probably over salad or nachos. Nothing complicated, but I’m not thinking that far ahead right now.
  • Sunday – Smoked Macaroni and Cheese – I got the recipe off of TikTok, I’m excited to try it and I’m going to try to at least get a short video… nothing super professional. We’ll use the rest of the pork with it on sandwiches and probably some green beans

What are you having on your menu this week?

Do you need a printable to help you plan and make your grocery list?

So hopefully, this is the beginning of us getting back into our routines. I’ve needed that for a long, long time. I’ve missed y’all.

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13 thoughts on “Menu Monday the COVID reset”

  1. I was literally just thinking of your blog today and hoping all was well with you. Then, viola, the universe deposited an email from you. I’m sad you’ve experienced Covid personally and glad your family is on the mend. It’s such a scary illness. Ina Garten’s Crab nachos for supper in Beaufort tonigjt. Taking it easy.

  2. Thank you and your friend for that idea. Really it could be anything, but you are right so often we ask what can we do when an “I am bringing you” soup or dinner or whatever and what type would you like (even suggesting options) could be so much more of a help. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Pre-planning and having those pre-made meals is a real sanity saver in the tough times.

  3. We had it here too. The past two weeks have been pretty stressful around our house, but we are getting better. I’m glad you are all on the mend as well.

  4. Oh no! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Hope there’s no ‘long COVID’ hanging around and you can get back on a schedule. That’s always easier with so many people involved! Good luck!

  5. You post was so timely for me, as my neighborhood got severely flooded last week. For many of us, this was a repeat performance. While we sort of knew what needed to be done, every flood is different, and we mill around for the first few days trying to prioritize our own cleanup checklists while continuing to cart wet belongings out to the curb. There are always families that are more disaster-stricken than others, and it is difficult to know how to respond to them. Going forward, I’ll be asking more specific questions when I offer to help. Many thanks to you for the big hint!
    So glad to hear you are on the mend.

  6. Oh no Heather! I am so sorry to hear about this. And so glad that everyone seems to be recovering. I wish I could bring you some soup!

    I have gone back to diligent masking and hardly going anywhere. I am sick of it, but definitely I am trying hard not to get it.


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