Menu Monday Post Hurricane Dorian

It has been a very long week at our house. Hurricane Dorian and a newborn* worked together to ensure we are all very short on sleep and patience. While I’m glad that our state government orders evacuations in plenty of time, the wait can get very stressful. There’s only so many times you can refresh the NHC’s page for updates and when you’re already up every two hours feeding a newborn it’s impossible, in my case anyhow, to not visit the page and wait for the latest news.

So, we’re a little on edge around here. I’m ready for the big kids to go back to school (today, thank goodness) and for our toddler to settle back into her routine. (Big shout out to Busy Toddler for the ideas that are keeping me sane).

Part of our normal is having a meal plan. If you are new to this site, I try to publish a weekly menu of what we’re having and I have a menu planning printable so you can easily work on your own. If you don’t know how to meal plan, here’s our how-to.

I’m not quite back up to speed yet and we’re just getting into the hectic part of football season, so for now, we’re sticking to simpler meal ideas. If they don’t look simple, you can bet I’m pulling it out of the freezer.

  • Monday – Chicken bog, cornbread, okra
  • Tuesday – Sandwiches and fresh fruit / veg -between scouts and football, we’re running in different directions
  • Wednesday – Philly Skillet, Green Beans
  • Thursday – Chili
  • Friday – Instant Pot Lentil Curry, Rice
  • Saturday – Nachos made with the leftover chili, plus lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cheese etc
  • Sunday – Tuna Cakes, Cheese Grits, Sauteed Kale

*Isabel (Izzy) Margaret arrived on August 16 at 6:07 pm. She created a tie between the boys and girls in our household that will not be broken. We’re happy with our Brady bunch.

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