Menu Monday Kicking Off 2016

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Heather says

It has finally cooled off! We ran the air conditioning through Christmas, so it’s a pleasant change of pace. I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday season. We’re excited to begin working toward our goals for 2016. A big part of that is sticking to a budget and not justifying splurges every time we turn around. A menu plan helps us achieve that goal. If you’ve never tried menu planning we’ve got a great series to help you get started.

And just for fun here’s a printable to make your weekly menu plan and grocery shopping a little easier.

  • Monday – Smoked Sausage, Collard Greens, and Northern Beans – it’s a riff on a recipe seen here.
  • Tuesday – Red Curry with Shrimp
  • Wednesday – Bean with Bacon Soup, Corn Bread 
  • Thursday – C. O. R. N.
  • Friday – Nachos (I’ll be in Las Vegas for work, so I’m keeping it easy for everyone at home)
  • Saturday – Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes
  • Sunday – Leftovers from the Pozole (An adventure in which I learned an important lesson about carefully reading labels, especially if they are in Spanish. The meal became a rice dish to dilute the heat from the wrong kind of much more potent dried pepper).

What will you be making this week?

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