Menu Monday 5/5

Heather says:

This week’s menu is a preview of recipes that will soon be posted. My mother was a little overzealous with her herb planting and we are reaping the benefits. Look for a post on preserving cilantro. If I find a deal on tomatoes, there may be a post on salsa, but the budget makes no promises.

What about you? What are serving this week? Are you trying anything new?

  • Monday – C.O.R.N.*
  • Tuesday – Andre Pope’s chicken bog, green beans, cornbread, steamed broccoli
  • Wednesday – Pulled pork sandwiches, collards, corn
  • Thursday – Basil pesto penne with blackened chicken, garden salad
  • Friday – pan fried catfish, cheese grits, squash casserole, butter beans
  • Saturday – pizza night**
  • Sunday – Lasagna***, garden salad

*Clean Out Refrigerator Night

** I believe I may have found the crust that earns the seal.

***If you go to the trouble to make one pan of lasagna, make two and freeze the second.

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  1. Rachel on May 5, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Well, are you going to share that crust recipe or not? 😉

    I told my boys we’d be starting our own Friday pizza night this week, so I am looking for a good crust to use. Haven’t made my own crust in many years, and never had that one great recipe for it when I did.

    Looking forward to starting pizza night!