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I’m writing the menu this week from a hotel room in Charlotte, I was up here for business. I’ll be packing up and heading home shortly and when I get there, the minions will want to be fed.

Having a menu plan makes life easier. Tonight’s dinner is simple, fast, and flexible enough that if I’m missing an ingredient I can substitute with another. While I can’t know how I’ll feel on a given day, I can take a look at the calendar and know if I’m going to be short on time and when life throws a curve ball, we can suck it up and have sandwiches, or as the kids have dubbed it a snacky dinner.

What does your week look like? Will you be trying anything new?

How to menu plan

  • Monday Sausage Skillet, I’ll be substituting in kale and bell peppers in lieu of the cabbage in the recipe.
    Sausage Skillet
  • Tuesday Taco Tuesday- on Tuesday! + salads
  • Wednesday – Brinner or Breakfast for Dinner Whole Wheat Banana Oatmeal Pancakes, we’ll ruin that healthy with some bacon, and fresh fruit
  • Thursday  – Chicken Picante, I need to redo the pictures, but the recipe is solid (in other words, please don’t pin this one, yet)
  • Friday -Spanish baked cod with olive tapenade, roasted brussels sprouts (no bacon this time)
  • Saturday – To Be Determined it may be clean out the refrigerator night (CORN) or it could be a recipe I need to photograph, it’s going to depend on my energy and enthusiasm, I think a stuffed flank steak might fit the bill.
  • Sunday – Chili rubbed honey pork chops, rice and peas, roasted broccoli

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3 thoughts on “Menu Monday 27”

  1. Monday – tacos
    Tuesday – pork tenderloin, rice, mushroom gravy, green beans
    Wednesday – lentil soup and sandwiches
    Thursday – beef and broccoli stir fry
    Friday – lasagna
    Saturday – spaghetti and meatballs

    Fell off the meal planning wagon last week due to weekend away (typical grocery shopping time) followed by a rotten cold. Missed the comforting routine of knowing what to do each night. Ate too much fast food. Spent too much money. Back at it this week.


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