Menu Monday: 2021 Week 2

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Well, for better or worse, we made it through another week.

My teenagers are on eLearning this week. South Carolina is a hot spot, so we’re trying to keep our trips out of the house minimal. Not that we have done much since March, but we’re tightening up the few things we had relaxed. We haven’t made it this far to mess up now. So, here’s hoping our school district doesn’t decide to go back to in-person learning with our 30%+ positivity rate. (No, my Canadian and New Zealand friends, that is not a typo.)

One of my closest friends will be getting his second dose soon, and my mom and stepfather will be scheduled for their first in the next few weeks. These are the good things that I am hanging on to.

Part of getting through means having a plan. Knowing what we’re eating for dinner is one less decision I have to make every afternoon. (I work 4 am-noon, so by the time it’s 4:30 pm, I am DONE). I don’t need to be making decisions while running on fumes. No one does.

If you don’t know how to menu plan. Here’s a series that will teach you. If you need a printable to help make this week’s plan easier, here you go!

Assume any time that rice is on the menu that the low-carbers will be subbing out cauliflower rice. This week we will be having

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Venison stew. I’ll use our basic stew recipe and just subbing venison for the beef and zucchini for potatoes. Most of us will have it over rice.

Wednesday – Carnitas bowls—we’re trying a new to us thing from Aldi’s, it’s what happens when you delegate grocery shopping, sometimes there are surprises—over cilantro lime rice with black beans, and avocados

Thursday – Smashburgers, salads

Friday – Dilled salmon, Caesar salad

Foolproof Dilled Salmon

Saturday – Ground beef and cabbage skillet.

Sunday – Blackened Chicken over pesto pasta for the carb eaters and salad for the low carb

Later this week, there’ll be a post about cleaning sticky furniture (after following advice on the internet, it happens to the best of us).

I’m going to pull that venison out of the freezer, so I don’t have to perform some kind of miracle tomorrow. Hang in there. This winter will be long, but you’ve got this.

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2 thoughts on “Menu Monday: 2021 Week 2”

  1. I love carnitas! The Carnitas bowls sound great – especially with cilantro rice. I make mean carnitas from scratch…

    So, what is technically the difference between a regular burger and a smash burger? Simply that you smash it? So I can make any burger into a smash burger by punching it?

    • A smashburger is cooked on a flat top and usually under a weight. They are thinner patties than most backyard grilled burgers. Since we got the griddle I’ve really been enjoying them with grilled onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos


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