Menu Monday 20201 Week 1

Ready or not 2021 has begun.

The last couple of weeks have been a blur for our household. Juggling teenagers and toddlers in a blended household equals managing a wide range of expectations.

For instance, my oldest, who plays varsity football, was expected to volunteer for Toys for Tots, which is a fantastic program. That’s fine, except my husband and I were up until midnight playing Santa Clause for the one and two-year-olds. I was back up at four-thirty and missed seeing the two-year old’s reaction to Santa’s visit. It’s a bummer, but my oldest helped for a couple of hours loading up the caravans. We abandoned the volunteer opportunity after ascertaining that we wouldn’t be missed and the leaders were bickering over a paper map about the best route to deliver said toys.

I’m sure those kids were delighted. I just needed to see my own kids’ faces.

As far as New Year’s? 2020 was allowed to show itself the door. The teens were all under their other parents’ care and we were trying to keep the babies asleep. Good riddance to a tough year.

With the arrival of viable vaccines, we are halfway through the dark. Please keep going. If you have teens, PLEASE keep a close eye on them. One of my daughter’s friends had a close call yesterday, and this is pretty heavy on my heart. If you are having a tough time. Please reach out for help. is a great resource. Also, I know I’m the worst at not asking for help when I need it. I’m trying to be better about it and admit when things aren’t okay, and ask the people close to me for the help I need.

I’m looking forward to this year, and the good it will bring. I have a lot of goals, some are personal and some are professional. Some are for this website and some are just for fun.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Speaking of looking forward?

What’s on your menu this week? Planning a menu helps our family keep our budget under control. It also helps us better manage our time and keeps us mindful of what we’re eating.

Would a printable menu help you as you plan yours? Here you go! Do you need help learning how to menu plan?

This week’s menu looks a bit like this and will be subject to change. The low-carbers mentioned below are required to assist with the meal prep since they add to the workload and I generally am annoyed by making salads in the first place and am more than happy to outsource that task.

Easy Recipe and Technique for Making Meatloaf

Monday – Meatloaf, Caesar salad, Mashed potatoes & brown gravy (for the carb eaters) cauliflower rice for the nonβ€”I am going to try to go ahead and just video making plain brown gravy this evening. Maybe, if the planets are still aligned or something. (It’s similar to the technique in this recipe, just without the beef or onions, you could have onions if you want though. Sometimes, you just want to see the technique without all the other stuff in the way.)

Tuesday – Shredded chicken tacos (yes, I know that links to burritos, it explains how I make the chicken), rice and beans for the carb eaters, side salads (big salads for the non)

Wednesday – Not-really chicken schwarma – I riff on this recipe, only I use way more garlic and a lot heavier hand with the spices and marinate the chicken with a combination of her chicken marinade and the yogurt sauce. I cook the chicken on a large propane griddle, along with a big bag of frozen vegetables that I season generously with similar seasoning as they thaw and serve on pita or over cauliflower rice depending on your carb intake. I’m going to try to get some pictures/video this week to post.

Thursday – Clean Out Refrigerator Night

Friday – Tilapia with Olive Tapenade, Green Beans, Sweet potatoes or Salad

Saturday – Mystery venison – we received some unlabeled venison. I know it was processed well because I trust the source. I just won’t know what the cut is until I thaw it, so. . . a little Iron Chef will be played. Will we be using the BlackStone, the slow cooker, or the Instant Pot? Time will tell. Sides will be determined by what the cut is and how it is prepared. We have plenty of root vegetables in the fridge and frozen in the freezer. We’ll be ok.

Sunday – Smokin’ Sunday = chicken wings, for real this time, we have them on hand and surprise, surprise, there will be a big old salad. I’ll probably make some blue cheese dip, too.

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4 thoughts on “Menu Monday 20201 Week 1”

  1. I want meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy!!! And now I also need to go look up what “shawarma” even is. I keep hearing about it but have no idea …

  2. Sounds like a lot — you can always call or text me! I’m a good listener.
    Our menu this week:
    Monday: Turkey sausage and roasted peppers and onions
    Tuesday: Thai chicken meatball soup
    Wednesday: Corn & Tomato Tamales
    Thursday: Cauliflower & shrimp something
    Friday: Roasted veggie salad
    Saturday: take out
    I’m making that shawarma you posted next week- and love the idea of olive tapenade with fish. πŸ™‚


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