Menu Monday 2016 Week #17

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Heather says:
Do you ever have consistently over-estimate the amount of time and energy you’ll have in a given period?

I’m right there, right now and paying for it. This weekend I forced myself offline, with the intention of spending a lot of time with my family. (Intentions are cute aren’t they?) What really happened is I fell into bed early, did not do very much and then took a long nap. Rinse and repeat. I still could have slept in today.

I did manage to run  a quick experiment with the kids, I had a bunch of vegetables that were on the verge so I sliced them all thinly, like I do for grilled vegetable packets. I gave each kid a sheet a foil and said have at it, but you have to eat what you assemble. 

They. Loved. It.

For the record they are 12, 10, 10, and 8, it might not go over so well with a younger crowd, but giving them some control and ownership went over really well. You can use a Sharpie to add initials to the outside of the packet, this is easier than attempting to create coded folds.  Keep track of where you put the initial so you aren’t juggling a hot packet trying to figure out who it belongs to.

Whatever vegetables were left I cooked in another packet and we heated it up for a quick scramble on Sunday morning. 

Easy Grilled Foil Vegetable Packets

For those paying attention, yes the week got switched around quite a bit. It’s okay, the menu plan is designed to make our lives easier, not to serve as an iron-clad rule.

This week, my goal —there I go again— is to be a little better about closing the laptop at the end of my scheduled work day. We have company coming from out of town toward the end of the week and we haven’t quite figured out those plans. To compensate, the menu will be things that can easily carry over to another meal.

Menu Plan Monday

What are you planning this week?

  • Monday – Sauteed Vegetables (a no-egg skillet) with cheese grits
  • Tuesday – C. O. R. N.
  • Wednesday – Meatloaf, Carrots, Rice
  • Thursday – Macaroni and Cheese
    (I need to get a picture of what this recipe as evolved into, we tend to add a couple strips of bacon chopped, leftover cooked chicken, and sauteed onions and garlic. It’s no longer a Kraft copy-cat, it has evolved into a main dish the kids beg for. I add a little Frank’s Hot Sauce and top mine with blue cheese crumbles) Broccoli
  • Friday – Tuna Cakes, Caesar Salad (if we don’t use it for dinner, it can be lunch the next day)
  • Saturday – Corn Chowder -skipping the roux
  • Sunday – Lowcountry Boil (We’ll eat here at least one night the guests are in town, we won’t pick up the shrimp until we’re sure we’ll use them)

Have a great week.

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