Menu Monday 12/1

Heather says:

Last week was fantastic, even if I had the mother of all colds that has drug on for what feels like weeks. Whine much Heather? You haven’t heard the half of it.
Today we’re finishing off the leftover creations including a Southwestern inspired creamy turkey soup that I may have to wrestle my husband for. Seriously, I’m going to have to figure out an exact recipe to share with you, but it will be chicken to make things easier.

Remember, unless your leftovers are new dishes made from Thanksgiving, it’s time to get rid of them. No one saves money with a trip to the hospital.  

  • Monday – C.O.R.N.*
  • Tuesday – Chicken lo mein**, snow peas
  • Wednesday – spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread, Caesar salad
  • Thursday – Blackened pork chops, rice with tomato gravy, green beans
  • Friday – Pan fried fish, mashed potatoes, peas with almonds
  • Saturday – Split pea soup, cornbread
  • Sunday – Pot roast, pan roasted vegetables, rolls

So Home Eccers, tell us what is on your menu. If you have a blog, feel free to use the handy Mr. Linky, if not, just give us the run down in the comments. Reading menus helps keep us from getting into a culinary rut and lets us share favorite and tested recipes. Be sure to check out menus complete with shopping list at Blissfully Domestic and head over to Organizing Junkie for an amazing collection of menus.

*Clean Out the Refrigerator Night
**I am very excited, my local grocery store has finally expanded their Asian section.

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5 thoughts on “Menu Monday 12/1”

  1. Menu (Dec 1st) (Remember this is for a diabetic)

    Monday: Tacitto’s (my families name for turkey rolled in corn tortilla, deep tried, with bean dip.)
    Tuesday: Spagetti with meatballs, Garlic Bread, Salad (wheat noodles, what breat),
    Wednesday: Taco Salad
    Thursday: Chicken, Potato, Veg and Salad
    Friday: Eating out…. (trip to Polar Express)
    Saturday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches
    Sunday: Roast, Carrot, New Potatoe, salad

  2. Ours is:
    Monday: Dad and #1 Freezer Free For All (basically you’re on your own)
    Me and the girls party at church, I’m taking potato soup.
    Tuesday: Cornish game hens
    Wednesday:Pork chops (looking for a good crock pot recipe)
    Thursday: Not sure (Christmas Parade, may eat out)
    Friday: Order Pizza (babysitting, so we will take a night off from cooking)
    Saturday:Ham and Bisquits
    Sunday: We eat out after church, soup and sandwiches for dinner.

  3. This week will be a little lighter since we all are dragging from such rich fair at Thanksgiving. Plus, with planning Christmas dinner, I want to keep my time in the kitchen and budget low. Thank gosh our leftovers are gone!

    Monday-Meatloaf, creamed potatoes and green beans
    Tuesday- Oven baked ranch chicken tenders and broccoli rice casserole
    Wednesday-Black bean and pineapple quesadillas
    Thursday-Grilled steak and Cesar salad
    Friday- Homemade pizza and left over salad
    Saturday- Take out (kids pick)
    Sunday- Salisbury steak, wild rice, peas with pearl onion, honey butter yeast rolls

  4. Oh, homemade lo-mein is super easy! I’m glad you are able to make it now. For us:

    Mon-Cheeseburgers etc
    Tues-Pizza Night
    Wed-Chicken in red curry sauce with toms, pineapple,&cashews
    Thurs-B.F.D. (breakfast for dinner)
    Fri-Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese
    Sat – homemade Pad Thai
    Sun – pea & potato curry

  5. Monday- turkey mole (yes, another twist on the leftovers), yellow rice, chopped salad of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, avacado, red onion with lime and cilantro dressing
    Tuesday- mushroom meatballs in gravy (making extra for freezer), garlic mashed potatoes, buttered carrots and green beans
    Wednesday- pork roast, red cabbage sauteed with bacon, onion, apple and a splash or two of red wine, parsley buttered noodles
    Thurday- C.O.R.N.
    Friday- fish chowder, hot rolls, salads
    Saturday- chili, corn bread
    Sunday- spaghetti and meatballs (making extra large pot of sauce for next week and for freezing), salad,


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