Menu Monday 11/23/2009

Heather says:

It’s a short week for most here in the United States. Well for those who have a normal work schedule anyhow. I really don’t know that many Monday to Friday 9 – 5ers, now that I think about it. Do you?

On to the menu:

  • Monday – Date night, the kids will have macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, green beans (they get a treat, too)
  • Tuesday – Pork chops with blackberry sauce, cabbage, roast vegetables (carrots, turnips, parsnips)
  • Wednesday – Chicken enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish rice
  • Thursday – Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Friday – Blackened shrimp over Caesar salads
  • Saturday – Calzones + salads
  • Sunday – Cornish pasties (pronounce it pass- tees, unless I’ve been lied to), steamed broccoli, soup if I’m in the mood to make it

What’s on your menu this week? Are you going to experiment with anything for Thanksgiving? If you have a blog, feel free to link to it in the comments, if not just share it in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Menu Monday 11/23/2009”

  1. One of my recurring dreams is living with a regular schedule. DH runs his technology services business out of our house. Which reminds me, I dream of a "regular" house, too, instead of one filled with computer parts. He works all hours, and if the business line rings, no matter what time, we answer it.

    The boy and I are leaving for Ohio tomorrow, so I'm not planning anything, except to help my sister, then later in the week, my cousin, in the kitchen with whatever they have planned. The girl and the husband are staying here, and they're okay with that.

  2. My menu last week went out the window, probably never to be seen again. 🙂 We'll be heading to the grandparents' Wednesday night and staying through Saturday, so I get a bit of a vacation. Man, I love grandparents!

    Monday: Beef Burgandy
    Tuesday: Spaghetti
    Wednesday: making sandwiches and coffee to eat on the way
    Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner
    Friday: probably left overs
    Saturday: chicken and dumpliings

    I'm making a real chocolate truffle cake for Thanksgiving. I guess we'll see what the difficulty level is, since it only has 3 ingredients (chocolate, butter and eggs) and requires a springform pan, which I've never used.

  3. traditional roast turkey-homemade cranberry sauce (planning on tweaking my recipe)–apple pie–pumpkin cheesecake–brussel sprouts with bacon/cranberries—mashed potatoes–green beans–pistachio pudding–

    I don't usually try new stuff at thanksgiving-if I want to make something new for the holidays i try to do the recipe a few weeks in advance so if it doesn't turn out it won't ruin the holiday meal—looking forward to cooking that good old turkey! 😉

    • i have to admit i'm perfectly willing to use holiday dinner guests as guinea pigs for new recipes. I've done it often in the past. i'm far from a pro, but i have enough confidence in my cooking skills that i can take a recipe i haven't tried before and have it turn out pretty well. Most of the time they've ended up being the talk of the meal, which can be quite the accomplishment when you're dealing with a crowd of non-foodies that is very rooted in tradition.

  4. I wish it was 9-5 instead of 7-6 M-F and 8-12 on Saturday. Both my wife and I leave the house about 7am and we often don't get back home until 6:30 or 7:00. Makes putting much effort into weeknight meals pretty challenging. I know very few 9-5'ers mostly because the people I know that work M-F day jobs work longer. The only 9-5 gigs I know of are gov't jobs these days.

    On the pasties, I know they're pronounced that way in northern Michigan, where they're crazy popular, but can't speak to whether that's what they'd be called in Cornwell.

    • Even teachers, who most people like to think have cush jobs seem to work crazy hours. (At least that's true of my mother-in-law. Yeah, the Yoopers love 'em, at least the ones I know (a handful at best).

      • You know, before I became a teacher I thought they had cush jobs too–getting off work at 2 or 3. Alas, once I started teaching, I realized that, in fact, teachers work about twice as much as most people think. We go to work for about 7-8 hours to teach, then come home to spend hours and hours on preparation for class and grading. Grading is the worst, especially for English teachers. I'm not saying I don't enjoy teaching, but the workload, especially with children at home and a household to manage, is really really tiring. I love my students, but I wish it required less work like people think it does.

  5. Monday- pot roast, mashed potatoes, baked squash
    Tuesday- Boiled dinner- smoked keilbasa, cabbage wedges, potatoes and carrots
    Wednesday- Hamburgers, slaw, tomato slices, chips
    Thursday- Thanksgiving dinner
    Friday- C.O.R.N. (or leftover Thanksgiving dinner *L*)
    Saturday- undecided. Might be another corn day or maybe turkey enchiladas

  6. Actually, there are lots of us 9-5ers out here, only it's more like 8-5. Monday thru Friday. When I can sneak a moment, I live vicariously through blogs like yours.

    • That's partly my point. I think the 9 – 5 as average is probably a misconception. Our family lives on rotating shifts. One of the main reasons I haven't gone back to work is that childcare for a situation like ours 3 – kids and strange hours would cost more than I'd realistically be able to earn.


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