Menu Monday 1/11/2010

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Heather says:

The flu has hit our home, this will be a week of easing back toward normal.

*Clean Out Refrigerator Night

What’s on your menu? Feel free to link to your own site or to share in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Menu Monday 1/11/2010”

  1. Monday: Venison burger with colby jack, lettuce and tomato
    Tuesday: Another venison burger! (They were delicious)
    Wednesday: Possibly dinner out with my mom or homemade beef teriyaki with steamed broccoli
    Thursday-Friday: Beef teriyaki (leftovers)
    Saturday: Pizza (maybe)
    Sunday: Haven't decided, since I usually grocery shop Sunday afternoons.

  2. Sunday: baked chicken ziti
    Monday: homemade chili pies
    Tuesday: leftovers
    Wednesday: baked or fried chicken with mashed potatoes
    Thursday: tamale pie
    Friday: pot roast with red potatoes

  3. Monday: The arroz con pollo that didn't happen
    Tuesday: Kimchi jjigae (spicy kimchi stew), rice, ban chan (Korean side dishes)
    Wednesday: Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower and Proscuitto
    Thursday: Pork chops and winter squash puree (probably will have leftover cauliflower as well)
    Friday: Eating out, kids choice (most likely Chick-Fil-A)
    Saturday: Broccoli and Beef Noodles
    Sunday: Dinner at my mom's house

  4. On the menu this week: the meatloaf that didn't happen last week…husband had two snow days at the end of the week, so we played a lot of Super Mario Wii and grazed on leftovers. 😉

    Monday: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans
    Tuesday: grilled chicken & couscous salad (I make it with olive oil, lemon juice, red onion, zucchini, bell pepper, cilantro, and roasted cherry tomatoes)
    Wednesday: baked pasta, spinach salad, & bread (going to attempt making bread for…fearless Monday?) 🙂
    Thursday: stew & biscuits
    Friday: chicken strips, mac & cheese, and broccoli
    Saturday: stew leftovers, I'm sure
    Sunday: dinner invitation

    It should be a good week. University's back in session next week, so I have a lot of planning to do for the classes I'm teaching this semester, plus I have a ton of dissertation reading/research to get caught up on, since I slacked off over the holidays. It felt sooo nice to finally get some time off, though!


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