Menu Monday 10/26

Heather says:

Somehow through the busyness that was last week, my fridge is filled to capacity. This is a good problem to have, as it will let me skate through the next few nights recreating the leftovers when I need to.

  • Monday – A variation on beef burgundy over mashed potatoes, peas with almonds, carrots*
  • Tuesday – L/O chicken bog will be converted to chicken & rice soup
  • Wednesday – C.O.R.N.**
  • Thursday – C.O.R.N.
  • Friday – Salmon with lemon & rosemary, risotto, stir-fried green beans
  • Saturday – Soup and sandwiches before Trick-or-Treating
  • Sunday – Early Thanksgiving (I’m using this to take photographs for many of the recipes I’ll be sharing in the series Countdown to Turkey Day)

*I didn’t make Sunday’s dinner, so everything is on hand and needs to be used
**C.O.R.N. is Clean Out Refrigerator Night

What’s on your menu this week? Feel free to share  in the comments or your menu and a link to your own post is certainly welcome. Alternately, I’d like to know what is your favorite part of  Thanksgiving Dinner? (I’m sorry, my Canadian friends, you just have to live with my being on an American schedule).

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11 thoughts on “Menu Monday 10/26”

  1. I am trying some crockpot recipes this week. So far I've made an apricot chicken and a dijon chicken. I'm still too lame to actually get a menu together, but I aspire to do this someday.

    On Thanksgiving, I love the dressing above all else. Second in line are ties between gravy, pumpkin pie and…no, just gravy and pumpkin pie. Then third in line are turkey and mashed potatoes. Also if anyone makes some kind of creamy green bean casserole or broccoli casserole, those are really good and move up to the ties for second. Then last, and it's a far cry from the others, are sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. I really don't care for either one, although I can tolerate them. Once in awhile somebody makes a different version of these, and I like them better, but that's rare.

  2. Hey, how are you turning that Chicken Bog into soup? I made some last week and wasn't sure of how to repurpose the leftovers (other than adding different cheeses to the bowl-o-food). Soup sounds great! Just add water and some beans or something? What types of vegetables?

    I'm totally addicted to the Chicken Bog btw, it's so hearty and satisfying! I think I figured out most of the questions I asked on the recipe page. I think using kielbasa will be better than the fresh uncooked sausage I used, although I'm still not clear whether the smoked sausage should be cooked or uncooked upon purchase. (I was looking on Wiki and it said kielbasa was a cooked smoked sausage that you just heat up.) Anyway I'm hoping that smoky flavor will bring in the acidity I think is missing…

    • Have you ever seen the Mustgo tutorial I have on here? I'm going to use that line of thinking. I'll be sweating some onions, carrots, & celery, then adding lots of chicken stock. I'll shred the chicken finely and chop any large pieces of sausage. I can probably stretch 3 cups of the bog into 10 servings of soup, I may throw in some spinach or cabbage if it seems like a good idea at the end.

  3. Sunday: grilled salmon with dilled potatoes, spinach, and bread (or zombie flesh, eyeballs, witch hair and bone bread)
    Monday: stuffed bell peppers (brains)
    Tuesday: cheese enchiladas (Benchiladas – in honor of my oldest)
    Wednesday: philly cheesesteak – no good name yet
    Thursday: dinner at in laws
    Friday: dinner with Sunday School class
    Saturday: Chicken alfredo (chicken guts)

  4. My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner was mom's homemade cornbread stuffing (dressing? what's the difference?). And I loved the pumpkin pie, and the fact that I could have pumpkin pie for breakfast the next morning.

  5. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is that the menu is just like Christmas…(in our house anyway)…but there's no gift-giving anxiety…no pressure…..just company and visiting. Warmth and family. AND GOOD GRUB….with TONS of leftovers. 😀

  6. I love cooking a big thanksgiving dinner-I love cooking BIG lol….never been overwhelming to me to roast a turkey-I see some people get into that panic each year about cooking a turkey…no biggie-I love it..I love all the planning and picking out what recipes I will do that year..I love everything about thanksgiving LOL well maybe not the cleanup after dinner but hubby usually does that for me…..LOL



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