Make your laundry detergent stretch farther

stretch your laundry detergent
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I wish I could remember where I read this tip, so I could properly credit it. If you originally wrote about this on your blog, please let me know so I can link you.

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Anyway,  to stretch your laundry detergent a bit further, when it is nearly empty, add some vinegar, shake up the bottle and then pour in your wash. It will wash just fine and will get the tiny little bit of laundry detergent that is left out of the bottle. Waste not want not!

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7 thoughts on “Make your laundry detergent stretch farther”

  1. I add dollar store soap and softener to bottle and some water 1/3 water. I also cut up dryer sheets to stretch n works as good.

  2. I water mine down. I also add dollar store soap to my brand name n it last so long. I also use half of what bottle says( it’s toget you Tobit more).. My clothes smell great and lay
    Longer since the grant soaps don’t fade colors.
    I also add dollar store fabric softener to my soap to stretch it out.
    I also cut dryer sheets into 4 pieces and my clothes always smell nice.

  3. I use the vinegar in my Downy ball all the time! I fill it to the same line as indicated for the fabric softener.

    The vinegar doesn’t leave any scent, unless you use about double the amount.

  4. I’ve heard about adding Vinegar to a Downy ball, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve recently become hooked on white lilac Pure Essentials and I’ve worried that the vinegar and detergent will clash. Maybe if I use the white lilac Bounce Sheets I can retain the smell (if smell is even an issue). I think I may experiment with it this weekend.

  5. Interesting! I just use water, but I’ll try vinegar now. On a related note, I remember reading somewhere that vinegar can substitute for fabric softener (I don’t know amounts because I don’t have a softener dispenser and I doubt this would work in a Downy ball).


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