Home Ec 101 Retro Round Up

Heather says:

Wow, this week flew by and I’m going to blame the mid-week holiday. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Fourth and for those of you across the pond and elsewhere, I simply hope you had a pleasant week. (I was going to say summer, but I know some of you are from Australia and New Zealand. This is really starting to mess with my mind, I really just can’t generalize, can I?)

Those tomatoes I thought I’d use for a fearless Friday are still sitting on my counter and I need to get moving with them before heading in to work.

Suggestions? I do have everything on hand to go with the old standby tomato pie, but I think I’m in the mood for something a little different. I’m thinking tomato soup would be good, despite it being approximately 8 million degrees. I think to go with it, I’d like to make grilled cheese with jalapenos a la Closet Cooking. (OMGoodness the nom)

Here’s a look at what we were doing this first week of July in the Home Ec 101 past:

2007 – I introduced readers to the tried and true standby of oven-fried chicken fingers.

2008 – We talked about how hard water spots are pretty much an annoying fact of life and Ivy -remember Ivy?- shared a granny square tutorial that, to this day, remains one of this site’s most popular posts.

2009 – I learned, the hard way, that if you’re allergic to ragweed, chamomile tea may be a very bad idea and on the Home Ec front we talked about why thawing chicken in a water bath is safer than on the counter.

2010- Speaking of chicken, in 2010 I was on  roll and shared a tutorial on how to cut up a whole chicken and we talked about how to keep stainless steel shiny. On the food front I learned about dry roux and used it to make shrimp etouffee and shared how to set up an emergency pantry.

2011 – Have you had chipotle mayonnaise? No? Why not? I hate mayonnaise and could drink this stuff and we also explored why sometimes a gas grill won’t get hot.

Enjoy your weekend!




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