Ground Beef and Gravy—Comfort Food that Saves a No-Good-Rotten-Day

I think when we look back on it, 2020 is going to be the year of comfort food. I have a friend who has a wonderful website and is an amazing resource for everything low carb and keto. (Transparency – She’s also a client at my day job.) I’ve been helping her recently and we’ve looked at her stats and finally, I just said, I don’t think most people want any deprivation right now. They’ll be there when the tide turns and it will. If you are ready to go low carb, head her way, she’s got you covered.

Yesterday, I had one of those days where nothing was working right. Recently, two of our teenagers had probable exposure, so they have been quarantining in our home. This means that they are in the rooms all day, with their windows open. They come out only to use their shared restroom. I deliver their meals as if they are sickly Victorian-era children, and we wear masks if we have to be near each other for any reason. This one hundred percent sucks. I miss my own kids in my own home. Yes, I text with them constantly, but it’s not the same, and I resent everything about this. I resent every single person who has perpetuated this pandemic by downplaying the severity or refusing to do their part to reduce the spread. I know by any standard, this is just a minor inconvenience.

I am grateful that so far no one seems sick and tomorrow they are getting tested.

What does this have to do with comfort food?


I looked at this week’s menu and said meh.

Ground beef—mince if you’re British or Australian—and gravy has been something my family has made since I was a kid. We grew up on it because money was tight. The great thing about this extremely simple dish is that it is stretchable, not much beef on hand? That’s ok throw in some lentils and a little extra stock. Want to fancy it up a bit, my-my aren’t you flush with cash? Add some mushrooms. Do what you want, it’ll be right there to replace the love you need.

Serve it over egg noodles, rice, mashed potatoes, or even a thick slice of bread, open sandwich style.

What, do you think this sounds a lot like the technique for biscuits and gravy? You are right on the money. It’s very similar.

That’s what cooking is, learning techniques and playing with them for variety.

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8 thoughts on “Ground Beef and Gravy—Comfort Food that Saves a No-Good-Rotten-Day”

  1. This kind of meal is my go to comfort food type meal. Thanks for sharing. We, too, have had to have our youngest son (19) quarantine in our home 3 times now. He works as an electrical lineman and has to be out and about.

  2. Hamburger stroganoff, which is basically the mushroom version with a little sour cream stirred in at the end, has been a favorite comfort food dinner here for years..

  3. That actually looks really good. It is almost Beef Stroganoff, but no cream. Which is a good thing for some of us. Guess a little red wine in there would make a nice little flavor (and comfort) addition too.


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