Fostering Encouragement

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Heather says:
Sometimes a chronic condition can become a self-feeding demon. Early this spring I had to quit taking the medication that had kept my allergies at bay for several years. For some reason neither my doctor nor I thought to find an immediate replacement. I didn’t notice the downhill spiral I had entered. I was tired, so I skipped washing the blankets one week. The next week I was more tired, so I didn’t do the blankets and I didn’t vacuum as thoroughly as I could. (You can see where this is going right?) Soon it was more than tired, it was cranky and miserable, with itchy eyes and sneezing my head off in a mess no one could see, but that was making me sick.

Yesterday we were unable to complete the testing after I reacted badly to the scratch test (there’s another level for those not familiar with allergy testing). I have been given new medication to get my symptoms under control.

But medications mask the problem and they can’t fix everything. Yesterday, the dust mites were served an eviction notice. We vacuumed, washed all the bedding on HOT (that’s why I like white and cotton). Mr. Heather was kind enough to go purchase new pillows as our old ones were probably dust mite factories.

In addition to the war on dust mites, my goal is to get back on track with meal planning, drinking water, taking my vitamins, and exercising. I miss feeling healthy. I know that some of you are in a similar situation, whatever the cause. Sometimes all it takes to get off track is busyness. Kids get out of school and throw routines off. Spouses change jobs, children graduate, whatever the life event, sometimes we get thrown for a loop.

Twitter is a service that is useful for groups like I have in mind.  My Twitter name is @heathersolos. If you’d like to create a community of encouragement, leave your Twittername in the comments so we can find each other. We can create a hashtag to mark our messages to the group. I’m considering #backontrack. If there is interest you’ll find those participating by visiting and entering #backontrack into the search bar. (There won’t be any results until we get rolling.) The purpose of the group is simply to report our successes and cheer each other on for the little victories that can so easily go unnoticed.

Oh, and Home Eccers, if I’m around, I don’t mind answering your cooking questions on Twitter. Just remember I sometimes have a life outside of the Internet and may not be able to answer immediately.  Sometimes. Those questions don’t need a hashtag, just make sure you direct them at me so I don’t miss the tweet.

So, who is in?

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20 thoughts on “Fostering Encouragement”

  1. I’m in as @ginkgo100! I have some sort of mystery illness that has me practically narcoleptic. Actually, after some reading I even considered the early stages of narcolepsy to be a possible diagnosis. Docs are thinking it’s something else, thank goodness.

    Have discovered just in the past week that if you take the incredibly difficult step of admitting to your friends that you need help… they will respond in a way that overwhelms you (in a good way). But it’s so hard to ask and then so hard to accept it once it’s offered. Why is that?

  2. I’m in. I’m trying to lose weight and get fit. I bought a bike recently and I’m trying to put at least 100 miles a week under my belt. So as to make the belt smaller. See what I did there? 😉

    I’ve stalled on weight loss and yesterday started a food diary again just to make sure I am #backontrack. I’ve been burning 1000-1500 calories at least 4 days a week, but I added in too many calories, so I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. Getting #backontrack is exactly what I need to do.

    I’m @stark23x on Twitter. CONTENT WARNING – I am a potty mouth, and although I try to talk about my fitness stuff a lot, half the time I am probably talking about a porn star’s hoohoo or how much I want to punch someone in the face or how the guys at my gym are very, VERY comfortable showing me parts of themselves that should be limited to their proctologists.

  3. What a great idea, thanks for posting! I’m SO on board, as long as y’all don’t mind a relatively new HomeEc reader joining. (if so, someone DM me on Twitter so I don’t butt in and embarrass myself!)

    I’m @NorthPhxAgent

    @heathersolos and @imabug – I’m with you on getting #backontrack with running. Turning 40 this year makes me realize it’s now or never. I want my 40’s to be fit and fabulous, not wheezy and schlumpy.

  4. Heather, I’m not on Twitter, but wanted to just send good wishes your way. I’ll pray for you to feel better soon.

  5. I am @diapercake (I think) but I am already twitter buddies with you guys, I think! I am on board. I haven’t been to the gym in more than two weeks and I fear I have lost a lot of my hard-earned progress. With kids out of school and a bout of allergies (from that darn tree in the front yard) that lead to a hacking cough…..I have not been up to it.

    I am back to the gym today (This evening). We upgraded membership to include KIDS CLUB for the girls so they should have a blast playing with the other kiddos. Getting off track is just TOO EASY, it seems.

    Great idea….Thanks!

    • I plan on starting to run again. I learned that part of my problem with running out of doors is that I have exercised induced asthma. (I didn’t know this until yesterday.) Now I’ve got an inhaler so I bet, I can improve my time now. 🙂

  6. you know what? I’m in. I need all the encouragement I can get to be healthy right now. but I’m not on twitter yet. sigh… I was hoping to hold out. 😉 I’ll sign up and post my twitter name soon…

  7. I’m @DrAlice and I love this idea. I need to make some major changes myself (got my BP taken the other day and it really shocked me). I think #back on track would be great.


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