Fearless Friday Edition #28

Heather says:

Fearless Friday is back! I took a break around the holidays, but I’m ready to host this carnival once again. To participate all you have to do is push your culinary boundaries and tell us about it. Does it have to be successful? Nope, Fearless Failures are absolutely welcome and a part of the game.

Share what you tried in the McKlinky if you have a blog or Flickr picture of your adventure. If you don’t, please just share your story in the comments.

So what did I do this week?

I was cruising YouTube, I can’t remember why and came across this video:

I love sushi and so does my husband, yes even the grocery store kind. The problem with this love is that it isn’t exactly frugal. So this week I decided to start learning one of the techniques.

So it’s not exactly riveting, but I’m starting with the cucumbers. I may never approach the speed of the man in the video, but I think in a week or two I’ll be able to to get the knack of turning the cucumber flesh into a spiral.

Oops, I forgot to add the results:

Sushi StyleCucumber

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9 thoughts on “Fearless Friday Edition #28”

  1. Thank you for the comment! I am in the northeast. An hour outside of Philly to be a bit more exact 🙂

    I plan to follow your sushi making process very closely so make sure to post about it! I have a friend who tried to make sushi with her boyfriend one night and didn't have dinner til I think about 9 or 10:00. I'm sure that with practice it gets easier and easier. But you're right about taking it in steps, I'm sure it must get pricey.

  2. My plan is to start very simply. I know there are tricks to the way the rice is prepared (it's washed and I believe vinegar is added in the cooking process). My thought is if I break it down into manageable chunks, I won't break the budget or ruin an expensive ingredient. Cutting the cucumber was a little frustrating, but the kids were thrilled with the "cucumber" sticks in their lunch, so it all works out. 🙂

    Fantastic! Middle Eastern food isn't my favorite, but I'm always willing to give it a go. (I don't know why, I love Greek, I love Indian & Nepalese) I'm just weird, I guess. I do love humus and I purchased chick peas to make some this week.

    • I've always wanted to make gormeh sabzi. It's a Persian stew that I love at the restaurants, but haven't ever tried it. I have a recipe from a former coworker who is Persian, but one of the ingredients she wrote in it was "Persian spices." I never got past that part…

  3. Your cucumbers look pretty. I love cucumbers. Once, a long time ago, some coworkers and I organized and attended a sushi-making workshop. One of my coworkers had a husband who was a sushi chef. It was fun. However, when I got home and made it myself, it was a far cry from the real thing…I tried a few times and gave up. I've never had homemade sushi elsewhere either. One thing I learned is that the exact ingredients really matter–you have to go to the Asian market or Whole Foods and get the real deal mayonnaise, sushi fish, the right vinegar, the mat, etc. I think I was too cheap to spend the money, or too poor!

    Anyway, I made baba ganouj tonight, which I love. I've never made it but was looking up eggplant recipes and found one, and whaddaya know–I actually had all of the ingredients! I thought it was pretty good and my husband and son enjoyed it too. It's not difficult, but it was new for me. I LOVE middle eastern food, so it was cool to be able to make something half decent in that type of food.


  4. I made homemade flat bread for a greek dinner. it was my first time, but it wasn’t so much fear as it was laziness. I will definitely work on a new recipe for them, but YUM! made a big difference compared to store bought pita!


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