Fearless Friday #25

Heather says:
Guess what! Chiiiiiiiicken butt.

Sorry, my two year old has been saying that all week and it’s stuck in my head. It’s already Friday again, how does that happen? It’s a good thing I was ahead of the game by being fearless on Sunday when I played hostess to a large group. Everyone knew when I sent out the invite that chaos would reign supreme and the point of the gathering was to keep me from drowning in leftovers. There were kids zooming around hopped up in a post-Halloween sugar frenzy and at one point, every inch of counter space was in use.

MessyTurkeyDayI need to publicly thank Heidi, Eugene & Yaenette, and Don D. Lewis for all their help. From scut work to picture taking without your help it wouldn’t have turned out half so well.  For me, the biggest part of this Fearless Friday was delegating. I’m sort of a perfectionist –Seriously!- and I have this weird idea that if I don’t do it, it’s not going to turn out. This is patently false and something I’m working on. If you browse this gallery you’ll see many of the upcoming pictures for this month’s Countdown to Turkey Day, as well as what I mean when I say it looks like my kitchen exploded. Also, somewhere in those pictures and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the staged (albeit gorgeous) magazine style ones, you’ll see that Don captured exactly how envision Thanksgiving.

fearless-fridaysFearless Friday is about pushing our boundaries in the kitchen. Whether it’s trying out a new recipe, technique, or trying a new food. I invite you to share what you’ve tried, whether it was a success or not. Share your link if you have a blog or tell us about it in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Fearless Friday #25”

  1. I want to come live near you so I can be your friend and come over for the trial-run Thanksgiving. Your photos were beautiful and it looks like it turned out AWESOME.

    I passed on Fearless Friday…..we did Pizza tonight and will be watching scary movies tonight with the bigger kids (once the wee ones are in bed…..my husband is supposed to be working on THAT as I write this. Not sure that is happening.)

    I was fearless on Wednesday, though. I found the candy corn on sale at our local grocer and did a pretty good imitation of those beautiful centerpieces you did for your Thanksgiving trial run. Much thanks for the idea (my 3 year old is still not sure about the centerpiece that is only for "pretty pretty….but not to eat?"). So I did the kitchen and the dining room up in Autumn style and set about making a wonderful Roast with Twice Baked potatoes fresh carrots and new potatoes (lots of starch….I've got growing boys that eat and eat!). The roast was a new recipe and I was thrilled that, for once, I didn't produce a tough piece of beef-jerkey with the expensive piece of meat! I've progressed.

    • Until the kids saw the husband snitching from the votives they had left the candy corn alone. Now I'm having to make up for someone's bad example.
      Heidi from withaz.net did that centerpiece. I'm going to do a post on Monday that breaks it down into its components and variations. 🙂
      Congrats on the roast, that's one of those meals that once mastered can be made with so many variations that it never has to feel like the same old thing.


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