Fearless Friday 10/23

Heather says:

I feel like a schmuck. I host Fearless Friday and here I am with no entry. There is a bug circulating my house and a big event this weekend, I’ve been bailing on evening activities and crawling into bed as soon as possible, trying to fight it. I think it’s working.

Fearless Fridays are a weekly carnival where I ask participants to have shown some form of kitchen bravery. The point of the exercise isn’t an expectation of a culinary masterpiece, it’s simply a challenge to step outside their usual boundaries. For new cooks it may be recreating a Hamburger Helper style meal without the seasoning packet. For experienced cooks, it may be a new ingredient or technique. The only rule is I ask participants to share both the good and the bad. Not every meal is a success and it’s encouraging to read of other people’s failures. Sometimes though, a mistake in the kitchen is nothing but serendipity in the making.

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5 thoughts on “Fearless Friday 10/23”

  1. Just take care of yourself and stop feeling guilty–this is supposed to be fun. If you can't do it, you can't do it. I hope your big event goes well and that you all feel better soon.

    I had fearless Thursday. I made pumpkin pie from scratch (well, I used condensed milk, but everything else was a basic ingredient) for the first time yesterday. I cooked a whole pumpkin, got all the mushy stuff out and made a pie. I also made pumpkin soup, toasted pumpkin seeds (which I haven't had since I was a kid) and a new crockpot chicken dish called "Applesauce Chicken." Of all three though, the pumpkin pie was the best. The seeds, well I burned those. The chicken dish wasn't bad, but maybe too sweet for me. The soup was okay. I think I could have used a better recipe. But the pie…well, I wish I'd made two! My son had never had it before so when I kept saying we're going to have "pie" he kept pointing to things, like chopped onions, and saying "Pie?" Later, he was very excited about the actual pie.

  2. Feel better soon. I wasn't aware of this particular carnival. We just started a new chili series and I'll have to enter it next week. (We're making it tonight or I'd enter it today!)

    Have a great day! (And really, feel better!)


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