How To Fall Clean Your House

You’ve had a busy summer that possibly included vacations / staycations, trips, relatives, camp, etc. There’s been lots of time out of the house, lots of excitement, and probably…lots of laundry. The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, the kids are back to school, and life in general is settling back down. What do you do now? Fall cleaning!!!

fall cleaning guide

Following are some articles about fall cleaning; just click on the title of the one you want to read more about. There’s a link at the bottom to spring cleaning tips which work just as well in the fall.

It’s Fall Cleaning Time!

I think fall cleaning is actually more important than spring cleaning- you want to get your house as clean as possible before the busy holiday schedule starts.

Fall Cleaning Day 2

Washing walls – I like to mix up a bucket of something that smells fabulous… and vacuuming…

Fall Cleaning Day 3 and 4

Hunt down all the laundry that was hiding under beds, in closets, and any other place it might be hiding.

Fall Cleaning Day 5

Today was just a day of wrapping up loose ends- putting the curtains back up, finishing up the holiday decorating, finishing up laundry.

Fall Outdoor To Do List

guide to spring cleaning

Click the picture for more tips!

In most areas of the country the triple digit days are over and it’s time to head outside and check things out.

Do you do any major fall cleaning at your house?

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