Deep Clean Week 12: The Oven, Range and Microwave

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You didn’t think that we would go through the entire deep clean series and never get to the oven, did you? No one likes to clean the oven, especially if it gets used a lot. It’s not just you, we all dread it.

If you have a self-cleaning oven. Follow the instructions in your operator’s manual. Don’t forget to remove the racks and any big chunks of food from the bottom of the oven first.

If your oven is not self-cleaning, you’ve likely got a bigger job ahead of you today. But don’t worry, Easy-Off and Barkeeper’s Friend were made for jobs like these, just NOT AT THE SAME TIME. Please follow the label’s instructions. If the room needs to be well-ventilated, don’t ignore the warning.

If your range and oven are a single appliance, you will want to clean your cooktop before cleaning the oven. You don’t want the cooktop heating up as you are cleaning it. If your range and oven are separate units, you can do both at the same time, live it up. (This assumes you are lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven or help.)

While you are in the kitchen and cleaning mode, go ahead and give the microwave a good clean-up. If you have been playing along, it’s been two months since we’ve done the kitchen deep clean.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Clean Week 12: The Oven, Range and Microwave”

  1. Nancy and I have found the best way to keep the oven clean – we never use it!! Stays so much cleaner that way. 🙂 We just go out to eat or order delivery. Sometimes cook on the grill outside. Now if there a way to put the entire oven in the dishwasher, I might use it more …

    • You must be part of the new wave of consumers who prefer to get their meals fully cooked rather than learning the art of cooking. That’s great is your budget allows such a luxury, but do you have anything stocked up in the pantry. for those days when you can’t get prepared food delivery. From a historical view, when apartment living first started up, there were no stoves in the rooms, and all meals had to be brought in, via the concierge service desk procurement, because most apartment dwellers were not family groups.

      • Michael is mostly teasing me. He’s actually a great baker and made us a pie the last time he and his wife went to NC in the fall. Be prepared to take everything he types with a grain of salt

        • Guess I need to stop being obnoxious!! Sorry…. but honestly, we do try to cook outside on the grill a lot in the summer just to avoid heating up the house. And we just cool a lot less in general now that we are empty nesters. After having to cook for kids for so many years, it can be an amazing relief to have a sandwich and not cook at all. 🙂


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