Countdown to Turkey Day 2015

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Heather says

Here we are, our 9th Thanksgiving together at Home-Ec 101. Just like we’ve done in years past, I have the Countdown to Turkey Day ready to help you host your Thanksgiving Dinner with confidence. Stick with us and you won’t be the one frantically googling how to thaw a turkey on the morning of the 26th. 

We’ve got almost four weeks to get ready and while it sounds like a lot of time, remember that life loves to throw curveballs. If you are hosting dinner in your home, now is the time to finish any home improvement projects already in progress and solemnly swear not to start any new ones until the leftovers have been safely stored. 

You don’t need the stress.

Today we’re going to start off like we always do, thinking about where, when, and who.

Are you hosting? 

Will your Thanksgiving dinner be held in your home or are you in charge at someone else’s home? Do they know? You should probably get confirmation on this before going any further* with your planning. 

Who will be there?

While you’re making your plan and deciding who to invite, try to remember if anyone has any dietary restrictions. The more time you have to plan around your guests’ needs, the less difficult they will be to accommodate.

If you’re contributing a dish to a meal somewhere else, do you know what you’re expected to bring and how you’re going to get it there? 

Here at Home-Ec 101, Thanksgiving doesn’t look like it used to and that’s okay. This year the kids will be playing with cousins they rarely get to see and that’s more important than me having my way and trying to create a Norman Rockwell holiday picture. 

6 quart slow cooker with locking lid

This year we’ll be having Thanksgiving at my mother’s. While I don’t have to worry about the turkey, I will be schlepping side dishes and this gives me the excuse I’ve been looking for to upgrade my slow cooker. Normally I build a nest out of towels and drive cautiously, fingers crossed, just hoping not to slosh too much. Not this year. 

This is how I know I’m finally getting used to being an adult, I can make compromises without feeling bitter and I look forward to upgrading appliances. Who knew that’s what being a grown up would look like? 
Countdown to Turkey Day 2015
So here’s to another Countdown to Turkey Day, let’s make this year a good one.

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Nov 13 – Don’t Forget Anything On Your List
Nov 22 – We Are Getting Close

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Turkey Day 2015”

  1. so what do you do if you are not sure if you’re hosting or not? My dining room table is being refinished and while we asked for it to be done by Thanksgiving, I won’t know until probably the week before if I am hosting, or if my mother is. Regardless I am cooking since she has recently had rotator cuff surgery and can’t use her left arm.

    • In your case I would prepare for both over the next few weeks.
      In my own home I would begin getting ready for company and when I sit down to plan the menu and logistics I would think through both scenarios. This means I would consider how I would transport the supplies to her house as well as just ensuring they were on hand.
      If a recipe requires a specific type of pot or serving dish I would make sure my mom had the equivalent on hand and that it isn’t assigned to something else (or I’d just bring my own to be safe)
      Does that make sense?
      Knowing what you’ll do in either case ahead of time will lessen the amount of work you’ll be doing that final week. 🙂


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