Beans, beans. . . you know the rest

By Heather Solos | May 16, 2007

Dear Home Ec 101: I am working to improve our diet and I’ve read that dried beans have a lot less sodium than canned. I’m not a planner and can never remember to soak the beans the night before. Can I do a big batch and freeze them in portions? ~Trying in Trenton Heather says:…

Lentil Enchiladas Recipe

By Heather Solos | May 6, 2007

Heather says: I have debated posting this recipe for several days. It was good, but not a slice of heaven on a plate like the recently posted tomato pie. Once the enchiladas were smothered in salsa, I did enjoy them. The filling recipe is vegetarian and makes enough for 16 enchiladas, I made half and…

Two Bean Tamale Pie Recipe

By Heather Solos | April 3, 2007

Heather says: Partly for our health and partly for our budget we try to eat meatless one night a week. This recipe could easily be converted to vegan by omitting the cheese and using an eggless recipe for cornbread. This is Betty Crocker’s version with minor tweaking.   Two Bean Tamale Pie Ingredients 1 TBSP…

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