Recipes at are family favorites. The recipes are not always the most traditional version as, unless otherwise noted, they have been customized to meet the needs of a beginner to intermediate home cook. 


Easily Make Gluten-FrAee Chicken Gumbo

Gluten-Free Chicken Gumbo

By Heather Solos | November 21, 2014

Heather says: I am ridiculously happy. I was recently doing my weekly shopping and found Pillsbury Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Mix near the regular flour at Publix. It isn’t the fanciest of grocery stores, but it’s generally a step above of say Food Lion. Long story short, this gluten-free flour mix already contains xanthan gum which…

Thai Lettuce Wraps with Satay Pork Strips

By Heather Solos | February 3, 2012

Skip to the Thai Lettuce Wrap Recipe Heather says: I have another recipe from the National Pork Board and Publix to share with you and I have to say that these Thai Lettuce Wraps with Satay Pork Strips were worth EVERY single bit of hassle I put up with to make them. Have you ever…

Chicken, Mushrooms, and Peppers. Oh My!

By Heather Solos | March 8, 2008

Chicken Mushrooms and Peppers 1 3-5lb chicken – cut up 1/4 cup oil (olive is best) 2 TBSP butter 1 cup flour 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp rubbed sage 1 med onion – thinly sliced 12oz button mushrooms – cut in half 2 bell…

Chicken Gumbo

By Heather Solos | October 6, 2011

Heather says: It’s fall and it’s finally cool enough to switch from salads back to soups and stews and I’ve been waiting for months to make this recipe for chicken gumbo. This recipe is a good use for those cheap leg quarters I mention from time to time. This version of chicken gumbo calls for…

Lentil Burgers

By Heather Solos | January 10, 2011

Heather says: In our house we try to keep meatless Monday in the rotation, but before we get into the recipe itself, let’s get one thing straight. You aren’t ever going to convince an omnivore that a lentil burger is just like a real hamburger. Just get that out of your head right now, it’s…

vegetable beef soup recipe

Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe – Like Mom Used to Make

By Bobbie | February 14, 2012

Bobbie says: Have you ever caught a whiff of an unexpected scent that suddenly sent you back in time? Figuratively speaking, of course. The sense of smell is a huge memory trigger, and if there’s a smell that says “home” to me, it’s the comforting aroma of simmering Vegetable Beef Soup the way our mom used to make…

How to Make Dumplings

How to Make Drop Dumplings

By Heather Solos | August 13, 2010

Heather says: Drop dumpling are easy to make and a great technique to keep in your toolkit. Nothing says comfort food like chicken and dumplings. When I first launched this site, I included this recipe for chicken noodle soup. I use the same technique, using homemade chicken stock, when I have it for my chicken…

How to Roast a Turkey

How to Roast a Turkey

By Heather Solos | November 11, 2009

Heather says: I won’t lie. My hands down favorite way to cook turkey is to head outside and plop that bad boy into peanut oil. However, that’s not an option for many of you. Since turkey is running at $0.69 lbs and my 6 year old has a hollow leg, I call that a bargain…

Pulled Pork

By Heather Solos | January 14, 2009

Heather says: From time to time I get emails asking about different cuts of meat: what are they, where do they come from, and how on earth should I cook it? Since we don’t exactly have a huge production budget (it’s my weekly grocery budget after all), these questions are often deferred until the cut…

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  1. DarcyShaw1 on December 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Made the Beef Stew and the Beef Shoulder Roast with extra lemon and spices last weekend. Guaranteed to be a delicacy. 😛

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