A Guide to Kitchen Disinfection and Sanitation

Hi, Home-Ec 101, I just read your article on Hydrogen Peroxide. I just love your website! I was wondering what you use to disinfect/sanitize your kitchen counters. I am trying to find something natural and have a hard time finding information on what actually kills bacteria, germs, etc. I read one way to kill bacteria/germs … Read more

How To Sharpen A Kitchen Knife

Heather says: Without any more procrastination or delay here is the Home-Ec101.com Knife Sharpening Tutorial. I talk about knife skills and the importance and safety of having sharp knives, but how do you get and keep your knives sharp? First, let’s start off with a little anatomy of a knife. This is my favorite knife, … Read more

A Guide to Cooking and Using Chicken

Heather says: Some of you may know that I have weird taste in fiction, one of my favorite authors is Margaret Atwood who specializes in near-future dystopia -think of it as the opposite of utopia. In two of her novels, science has reached a point where the chicken has been engineered to be little more than … Read more

Get Ready to Grill

Dear Home Ec 101, I think I’m going to bite the bullet and fire up the grill this weekend. I’m tired of waiting for my spouse to cook something. Do you have any tips for a beginner? Signed, Grilling in Groten Heather says: Hands down, the most important tip I have for a noobie grill … Read more