Why Do I Have Fruit Flies With no Fruit?

This week’s random pest question comes from Twitter: Calling @HeatherSolos and her @HomeEc101 knowledge: How do you get rid of fruit flies? Note: There’s no fruit in the house. Twitter If I had suspected my friend had fruit flies, I would have suggested the following advice for getting rid of fruit flies. (I didn’t) Generally, … Read more

How to Clean Hardwood After a Toilet Overflow

Q: How do I clean up my hardwood floors after a toilet overflows. This question appeared as a comment on How to Clean Up After a Toilet Overflows The difference between cleaning up toilet water on your typical bathroom flooring e.g. vinyl or tile and cleaning up hardwood is the hardwood is porous. The advice … Read more

Bad Disaster Advice

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the information being spread with regard to how to prepare for a disaster, like a hurricane. Bad Advice I’ve Seen Circulating Hotels must take your pets in due to a law passed after Hurricane Katrina. No. This is patently false. Hotels and motels are private businesses and not … Read more

Why Is the Ice in my Ice Machine Melting?

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have a fairly new ice machine at the beach, a house we use roughly every other weekend. Lately, the ice machine does not seem to be cold enough to keep the ice it makes frozen. I have vacuumed the coils, ran a “Clean cycle” with the cleanser, turned it off and … Read more

Help, how do I get rid of drain flies?

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have three window wells in my finished basement.  I am forever finding little black dead flies.  I have sprayed, thrown gallons of bleach and ammonia down the window wells.  In the window wells I found something like yellow cocoons that I think they have built.  There were several in each well.  … Read more

Pantry Moths in Pasta

Dear Home-Ec 101, I put my pasta in a new container to store in my pantry and still found moths. What did I do wrong and how can I prevent pantry moths in the first place? Sincerely, Bugged in Buckhead Heather says Unfortunately, pantry moths are a part of life. We can take a lot … Read more