Lemon Shake-Up Recipe — A Refreshing Summer Drink

Bobbie says: Ah, summer. The scorching heat, the overwhelming humidity. Fun times. Well, when life hands you lemons, shake things up a bit and make Lemon Shake-Ups. Depending where you live, you may have had these treats at a local fair or carnival. For the uninitiated, a Lemon Shake-Up is basically a freshly made, individual lemonade. … Read more

Holiday Cocktails with Sierra Mist (and a Giveaway)

Heather says: Last week we covered a couple of mocktail recipes made with Sierra Mist to serve to those who abstain from alcohol. This week I’m sharing two cocktail recipes that also use Sierra Mist Natural, which is made with real sugar, no artificial ingredients, 100% natural flavoring. Those things make total sense with mocktails, but … Read more

Holiday Mocktails with Sierra Mist

Heather says: Not everyone imbibes. I know, I know, this may come as a shock to some of you, but it’s true. Some people who abstain from alcohol do so for religious, health, or practical reasons. Hey, being the designated driver is very practical and here at Home-Ec 101 we encourage adults to act responsibly … Read more

Wine, oh! A Crash Course

Bran says: Beer and the occasional liquor concoction had been the only real staples in my repertoire for quite some time, but when I had the opportunity to attend my first wine tasting a few years ago, I was introduced to a world filled with bold Malbecs and sweet, dry Rieslings. My life was turned on its … Read more