Apple Cider Pancakes

Heather says: Whenever birthday season rolls around, we like to give the birthday child a few treats of their own choosing, within reason. I do believe my middle child is a budding foodie. In the days leading up to his birthday, he talked about how he wanted to have apple pancakes for breakfast, something we … Read more

Stupidly Simple: Radish Slaw Recipe

Heather says: I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was finally able to take advantage of our local CSA. If you’ve never participated in a CSA, it’s a program where you pay a farm a predetermined amount at the beginning of the growing season. The farm then divides up the produce harvested between … Read more

Easy Grilled Foil Vegetable Packets

Heather says: Get ready to grill.  Today we’re using foil packets to to turn a pile of vegetables into a fantastic summer side dish. Actually if you look at the portions, the grilled vegetables were the main feature. I would like, at least while we’re rolling in produce, for you to consider treating vegetables as … Read more

Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad

Michele says: If you had to summarize summer in three words, which words would you choose?  Swimming, picnics, and ice cream?  Vacations, thunderstorms, and fireflies?  Bikinis, bonfires, and s’mores?  How about red, white, and blue? To me, summer never fails to feel like one big patriotic party, and the colors of the season seem to … Read more