Worth the Extra Effort Pot Roast

First of all, everyone hates a meandering introduction. I know this. This is not an introduction. This is the methodology. Real quick, I’m sorry this was late, one of the kiddos was sick and with COVID and the holiday, stress levels were high. It was just an ear infection, but my anxiety doesn’t do well …

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Sweet Cornbread Recipe

Simple sweet cornbread

Heather says: This is a very basic, dense, slightly sweet cornbread recipe. It is not to be confused with cornbread cake which, as one may imagine, is even sweeter and more cake like. Corncakes usually contain flour to lighten the batter. The recipe as written below is safe for those on a gluten-free diet as …

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Simple Mushroom Risotto

This simple risotto is company dinner winner. Serve with chicken or pork and a side salad.

Heather says: This recipe for mushroom risotto is about as simple as risotto can get. You see, while risotto is rice, it’s a needy rice. It’s rice that needs a little nurturing and love, but then when it’s ready to serve? It brings the awesome. If you really want to make this recipe company worthy …

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