A Guide to Kitchen Disinfection and Sanitation

Hi, Home-Ec 101, I just read your article on Hydrogen Peroxide. I just love your website! I was wondering what you use to disinfect/sanitize your kitchen counters. I am trying to find something natural and have a hard time finding information on what actually kills bacteria, germs, etc. I read one way to kill bacteria/germs … Read more

Menu Monday 2021 Week 6

This week we are all about lowering the stress level. This means we will be making the easiest meals we can and calling in the troops (teens) to pitch in when they can. Why? I need a break. You might, too. There’s a pretty good series in the New York Times right now about American … Read more

Menu Monday 2021 Week 5

Just want the menu and no life stuff. Feel free to scroll, I’ll put a heading just for you. Week 5? Really? I’d like to speak to the manager please. This is getting out of hand. Last year took forever, 2021, is slipping through my hands. So, I try to be transparent with mental health … Read more

Menu Monday 2021 Week 4

Well, last week was kind of a bust. I ended up spending the second half of it sick. Sick enough to call into work one day. Meh. Yes, there’s a pandemic, but regular bugs still make the rounds, especially when you have a toddler who hasn’t quite mastered washing their hands yet. I didn’t get … Read more