Quick tips: shiny sink redux

I got this in the mailbag this morning and wanted to share with you readers: Dear Ivy, You know there’s more than one way to shine a sink. 🙂 I use the FlyLady method, which although time consuming, produces a wonderful shine on my stainless steel sink. First, you fill the sink with warm (not … Read more

How to remove grease stains from clothes

Dear Home-Ec 101, Okay dames, got a good one for you…how on EARTH do you get those little grease splatter stains off of your favorite shirt?!? I’ve tried everything, but my fave sweater still sits shelved…waiting to be worn…poor sweater. Thanks. Signed, Swearing at my Splattered Sweater Ivy says: Oh, don’t swear, dear, it’s unbecoming. … Read more

How to Clean Corian

Dear Home-Ec 101: I have Corian counter tops and sink. The sink is stained because my family never cleans it. I try to clean it, but even with a special Corian cleaner or bleach, I cannot get the stains out after several cleanings. The counter tops are clean, but dull. I tried a counter top … Read more

How to clean granite counter tops

Dear Home-Ec 101, Can someone tell me why one of the hardest substances on earth is so picky about what it’s cleaned with? Seriously, new house, new countertops, new to granite. How do you clean AND disinfect safely on granite? Signed, Samantha   Ivy says: Well, Samantha, I’d like to know how you turned my … Read more

How to have a shiny sink

Dear Home Ec 101, How in the world do you get your sink to stay so shiny? Signed, Im in ur house, lookin @ ur sink Ivy says: Get out of my house. Seriously, you’re creeping me out. But while we’re here, I’ll go ahead and share my secrets to a super shiny sink. First, … Read more

How to Clean a Dirty Bathtub

Dear Home- Ec 101, My bathtub is so funky. It makes James Brown look stodgy. Especially since he’s dead. But I digress. The yuck in my tub is so nasty, I’m afraid to take a shower, and my co-workers are starting to complain. Help me, Luke Skywalker Home-Ec 101. You’re my only hope! Signed, Princess … Read more