Deep Clean Week 14: The Paperwork Pile Up

Welcome to the final week of the Deep Clean Project. This week’s task should not be too difficult unless you are like me and tend to let the papers pile up. Yes, I procrastinate. I saved this one for last, on purpose. I find it satisfying to have a small project with a nice payoff. … Read more

Deep Clean Week 12: The Oven, Range and Microwave

You didn’t think that we would go through the entire deep clean series and never get to the oven, did you? No one likes to clean the oven, especially if it gets used a lot. It’s not just you, we all dread it. If you have a self-cleaning oven. Follow the instructions in your operator’s … Read more

The Deep Clean: Small Project Week

Last week’s project was a two-parter. Which, by the way, that smudge hunt was pretty satisfying, wasn’t it? Especially if you have kids of any age living at home. It’s kind of impressive how much just getting rid of that stuff we don’t typically notice can brighten up a room. It might not be as … Read more

Is It Sanitary? Does It Matter?

Hello,I know someone who picks up their dog’s poop using kitchen utensils. They think it’s okay because they bleached the utensils and or wash them in the dishwasher. They also use these utensils to prepare their own food.I do not agree!  Please advise!!!Signed,Horrified in Horseshoe Bay Dear Horrified, There’s some stuff to unpack here, and I’m … Read more