How to Clean a Sweaty Baseball Cap

Hi! I want to clean up my baseball cap without ruining the fabric or construction of the cap (the bill). Thanks,Sweaty in Sweetwater Hey there, I wasn’t expecting the level of research that it would take to answer this question. There are so many variables when it comes to baseball cap construction. Not only do you have … Read more

Spring Cleaning Clutter Clearing Kick-Off

Sorry, my oldest son has been playing football for twelve years. Sports references now slip in whether I want them to or not. It’s been one heck of a year, and we are not quite done with everything COVID has to throw at us, but that light at the end of the tunnel is getting … Read more

Know Your Neighbors: Emergency Preparedness 101

Today’s topic has several meanings. First, know your literal, next-door neighbors. Know their names and phone numbers. Yes, this means you might have to introduce yourself after having lived in your neighborhood or apartment complex for several years. (If your neighbors are a little weird, maybe use a Google Voice number so you don’t have … Read more

Emergency Preparedness 101: How to Evacuate Safely

Two things before we start this basic how to evacuate safely discussion. Please note that this is a beginner look at emergency preparedness. It’s for those who are just beginning to think about how they or they and their families will handle an emergency and isn’t the place to show off how awesomely prepared you … Read more

Emergency Preparedness 101: The Very Basics

I live in a part of the country where our usual emergency preparedness includes being ready for hurricanes from June until the end of November, small tornadoes in the spring, and extremely rare earthquakes. 2020, of course, threw in plague and civil unrest. Your home may have other risks, including some that you didn’t expect—looking … Read more

How to Remove Smoke Stains from My Cupboards

Hi Home-Ec 101I had a candle burning under the edge of my cabinet, and it got hot enough to burn it. Some of it is light, and some a pretty dark burn.  I have attached pictures. I tried baking soda and water, didn’t work.  The furniture markers and crayons did not work.  I’ve read about a super fine 0000 steel … Read more