Fried Chicken Thighs, Marinated in Homemade Italian Dressing

By Heather Solos | March 30, 2010

For a full breakdown on exactly how to fry chicken, I invite you to check out Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Heather says: We don’t fry chicken often, but sometimes when chicken thighs are well under $1 per pound the temptation is overwhelming. Recently we had a long conversation on the hidden sources of high fructose corn…

Easy Grilled Foil Vegetable Packets

Easy Grilled Foil Vegetable Packets

By Heather Solos | June 5, 2014

Heather says: Get ready to grill.  Today we’re using foil packets to to turn a pile of vegetables into a fantastic summer side dish. Actually if you look at the portions, the grilled vegetables were the main feature. I would like, at least while we’re rolling in produce, for you to consider treating vegetables as…

Crockpot Friendly Sticky Chicken Recipe

By Heather Solos | August 18, 2015

Heather says I honestly don’t know why this recipe is called “sticky chicken”, I have the feeling it is a recipe that has evolved over the years and doesn’t exactly resemble its origins or maybe it was a family nickname. This recipe for chicken in the crockpot was a favorite on a message board I frequented…

Think you don't like collard greens, this simple method will have you going for seconds.

Collard Greens

By Heather Solos | October 24, 2016

Heather says: The new year will be here before long, and in the Lowcountry, that means it’s time to cook up some greens. Collards are a traditional New Year’s dish eaten to bring wealth in the coming year. Their peak season is from January to April, and they are packed with calcium, iron, and vitamins…

Chipotle (Chilpotle) Mayonnaise – Dip and Spread

By Heather Solos | July 5, 2011

Heather says: You say chilpotle, I say chipotle. Either way these tasty smoked peppers turn plain mayonnaise from loathed condiment into, Yes, please, I’ll have some more. Can I bathe in it? No? That’s too much. Fine, I’ll just dip my sandwich in it. Those of you who live on the West Coast or in…

Easy Chili Maple Pork Chops

Chili Maple Pork Chops

By Heather Solos | January 7, 2011

Heather says: This recipe for chili rubbed maple pork chops is amazing and pretty easy, too. It does take two pans to prepare, a large, oven-safe skillet with a lid and either a small skillet or sauce pan. While I have this recipe pictured with two vegetables (steamed snow peas and  cooked carrots tossed in…

Chili Honey Chicken Thighs

By Heather Solos | August 5, 2010

Heather says: This easy recipe for baked chicken is extremely versatile, not only is it great for chicken thighs, it can be used on a cut-up whole chicken, and boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs. This chili rub and honey brushing sauce would also be fantastic for grilled chicken. The recipe is written for 4…

Chicken Marsala

By Heather Solos | December 9, 2010

Heather says: There’s a rule of thumb when cooking dishes that involve wine: don’t use anything you wouldn’t drink. What if you don’t drink wine or what if you just don’t like the kind of wine called for in a recipe? I know if you look at my wine rack, you’ll usually only find cab,…

Chicken and Dumplings

By Heather Solos | November 6, 2012

Heather says: This recipe for chicken and rolled dumplings is my riff on the Lee Bros version which can be found in The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook. I love their recipes and while I think their idea for sweet potato dumplings sounds intriguing, I chose to go with classic rolled dumplings. Many people include shortening…

Cheeseburger Macaroni

By Heather Solos | January 17, 2011

Heather says: There are some meals that are so simple that I’ve forgotten to include them in the recipe files here on Home Ec 101. This easy recipe for Cheeseburger Macaroni is one of the forgotten go to meals. This quick dinner is a great for busy weeknights. It is as simple as it sounds,…

Butternut Squash, Poblano, and Bacon Skillet

By Heather Solos | June 30, 2015

Heather says I admit it, I fell off the menu planning wagon last week, the produce piled up, and around time to make dinner I stared into the depths of the refrigerator trying to pair flavors. Finally I turned to Google and found an Emeril Lagasse recipe that looked like a good starting place. The following is…

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

By Heather Solos | May 2, 2011

Heather says: Buffalo chicken sandwiches are my weakness. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the combination of crunch, heat, and the cool of the blue cheese. Buffalo chicken sandwiches are a sometimes food, meaning I don’t pretend they are healthy and I won’t make them often, but when I do? Hoo boy, I enjoy them.…

Buffalo Chicken Dip

By Heather Solos | August 2, 2015

 Heather says: Buffalo chicken dip is a favorite around here. It’s also ridiculously simple and worth knowing how to make in case you’re ever invited to a sportsball  potluck type event. Go team go. I’ve had buffalo chicken on the brain recently and I was poking around Plain Chicken -a client from my day job…

Banana Muffins

By Heather Solos | December 26, 2010

Heather says: Muffin recipes are a great introduction to baking. They aren’t fussy and a flat muffin is still a delicious muffin. Don’t get smug and try to pass these off as health food; they aren’t. They are however delicious and semi-portable. What is semi-portable? Great in a lunch bag, not so great while driving.…

Balsamic Marinated Chicken Thighs

By Heather Solos | April 9, 2013

Heather says: This recipe for balsamic marinated chicken is sort of a repeat. Why? Because sometimes you don’t want to cook a whole chicken and grab the super-value pack of chicken thighs or leg quarters when they go on sale. Like the garlic and soy chicken thighs, this recipe is simple, the only drawback is…

Baked Pork Egg Rolls

By Heather Solos | January 28, 2012

Skip right to the recipe for baked pork eggrolls. Heather says: I was recently contacted by the National Pork Board and Publix to see if I was interested in participating in a campaign to help promote the Good and Good for You Challenge. The National Pork Board is asking people to take a pledge to eat healthy throughout 2012. This week…

Albondigas soup simplified into an easy weeknight meal. This has all of the same ingredients, but without the work of the meatballs.

Albondigas Soup, Simplified for Weeknight Ease

By Heather Solos | April 22, 2013

Heather says: I absolutely love albondigas soup, it’s a family favorite, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to mess with rolling the meatballs. Sometimes I just can’t bring myself to care that much. So on a whim one evening, when I had planned on making the original albondigas, I looked at it and…

My family's version of the spicy Mexican meatball soup often called Albondigas is a meal often requested from me.

Albondigas Soup Recipe

By Heather Solos | November 30, 2010

Heather says: This is my family’s version of the spicy Mexican meatball soup often called Albondigas. The recipe came from my mother, who I think got it from her sister or mother. The meatballs are a little tedious to make, but if you crank the radio or bribe your kids, spouse, or a friend into…


Aioli – Garlic Sauce Recipe

By Heather Solos | February 7, 2016

Heather says: Aioli is a garlicky sauce that adds an excellent finishing touch to some menu items. We love it with crab or tuna cakes, home made fries, fried potatoes, or sometimes on a sandwich that needs a kick that mayo just won’t provide.  Aioli is similar to mayo in that it is an emulsion…