Water Storage Solution for Hurricane Preparedness

Heather says:

This year, after doing my annual Hurricane Preparedness Reminder, I was contacted by David Dodgen of AquaStorage, creators of the Aquapod Kit. The Aquapod Kit is a  solution to the whole, “But I don’t have enough space to store a two week supply of water for my family of six.” (Quick math will tell you that’s 84 gallons of water)

Water storage has always been one of the more obnoxious pain points of hurricane preparedness in my household. Yes, I do have about 30 gallons of water, but it’s distributed throughout the house in a closet, in the garage, under the stairs. Remembering to rotate the jugs doesn’t always happen. (Oh yeah, we’re back to that whole fallible human thing, aren’t we?)

The Aquapodkit holds up to 65 gallons of potable water and doesn’t take up more than a square foot of storage space until you need it. Brilliant!

The Aquapodkit is an incredibly simple solution to an obnoxious problem. It’s a food grade, hygienic liner for your bathtub that comes with a pump. While the liners are not reusable, you can purchase refills rather than an entirely new kit. Frigging awesome, if you ask me.

Toss the kit into a closet until a hurricane looms and then follow the instructions.

The Aquapodkit now has the Home-Ec101.com Seal of Approval.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks I must mention. The Aquapodkit is only useful for situations in which you have adequate warning. It’s not a great water storage solution for those who deal with emergencies where there may only be a few moments warning or no warning at all. And as I mentioned, the liners themselves are not reusable -the pump is. You should still keep some water on hand for emergencies other than hurricanes.

A few other quick notes about the product from the representative who took the initiative to contact me (Hey, I’m also an entrepreneur, I like people who take appropriate initiative.)

1. Our product is made here in the USA.
2. We support local organizations – our kits are put together at the Austin State School of the Aged and Disabled – we love them and have been working with them for years.
3. We are the only product that offers replacement liners / refills – a great value to the consumer.
4. My parents tested and used the product during Hurricane Katrina.

You can purchase the kits through the website directly or you can purchase the Aquapod Kit from Amazon.

I was sent an Aquapod Kit for review purposes. I opened up the box, took one look at it and said, “Brilliant.” I closed the box and put it with my emergency preparedness supplies. I may be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one. All opinions are my own, including that one. 


  1. carnellm says

    That is seriously cool – speaking as someone who, as you are, is in the direct path of hurricanes every year. Going to check out the link now.  I guess it could double as a water bed for the cat if you don’t need the water.  And a word of warning – those jugs of water you have stored in the back of the cabinet? They are not meant to be stored back there forever. Eventually they will spring a leak. Been there, done that.

  2. imabug says

    that’s pretty genius. i remember filling the tub for my first hurricane near-miss after i first moved here, but i noticed the water slowly leaking out because the stopper thing didn’t have a good seal

    • says

      imabug I remember the same thing from Hugo. Even at 11 I was concerned about what normally goes into the tub that we were storing water for drinking / hygiene. 

  3. JayMonster says

    I like the idea, but not being able to check it out up close, my question is, how easy is it to get water OUT of it, while maintaining the integrity of the  remaining water?I like the small (5 year shelf life) water “pouches” we picked up because if you have a problem with one bag… you toss it.  Here you are putting all your eggs (water) in one basket (or tub as it were).Not saying it is a bad idea, but I still have questions, and might think of it as an “additional” source rather than relying on it as a primary source.

    • says

      JayMonster those are fair (and excellent questions). The kit uses a siphon pump so you aren’t risking the integrity of the water contained in the kit. The bag is 4mm food grade plastic, so it would take some serious effort to puncture.And as I noted, you should definitely still keep water on hand, because you can’t predict some emergencies.

  4. GeofL says

    The problem I have is I don’t have storage space for lots of water nor can I fill up my tub (we have a big jacuzzi) w/ water from a system like this.  My suggestion is the simple solution- we have several collapsible water jugs which we stash.  We fill a couple before a storm comes, but the rest we leave empty.  To fill them post storm we have several Sawyer water filters (gives 99.999% bacteria/virus free water from any fresh water source) which we can use after the storm to fill the collapsible water carriers.  the absolute best thing is that two 2-gallon jugs and a filter fit nicely under the car seat so if we have to abandon, we have more space in the vehicle for clothes, food, etc instead of gallons and gallons of water…

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