Vacuums / Vacuuming: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

Vacuums are good for many things – carpet, hard floors, cars, refrigerator coils, vents, and more! You’ll want to have a good vacuum that doesn’t cost all of your savings, but still does what you want it to do. It is one of those areas where the saying “You get what you pay for” definitely applies. Following are some tips, tricks, and reviews to help you make wise decisions about which vacuum to get and how to take care of that vacuum once it’s in your house. Click on the title of the article you want to read more of.

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How Do I Keep Long Hair From Clogging The Vacuum

Okay so the long hair isn’t exactly clogging the vacuum, it’s all over the brush thingy and doesn’t work as well. What can I do to stop this from happening; it’s a pain in the butt.

How Often Do I Have To Vacuum Anyway

How often should you vacuum? I want to know to settle a debate and I’m going to have to vacuum my friend’s place if I’m wrong. And can you tell us WHY I’m right?

How To Clean The Filter Of A Bagless Vacuum

What I can’t figure out, nor find online, is how the heck to clean the filter.  Everything says, “clean the filter,” but then i see, “don’t touch the filter.” How does one clean the filter of a bagless vac? I’m pretty confident I’m getting lower performance because the filter is, um, gross.

How To Deal With Dry Wall Dust And Construction Clean Up

Lost the ceiling in my kitchen – drop ceiling, light fixture, older (plaster?) ceiling above it, and about 18 inches of blown insulation. … Anyway, now that the drywall is up for the ceiling (it still needs to be painted), I have to clean EVERYTHING, including the surrounding rooms.

I’m Considering A Roomba

I can get a new Roomba 530 for a great post-Christmas price. In my rental place, we have vertical blinds. I was worried how the machine would cope with those. I have tiles all through except the bedrooms that have thick, soft carpet. Your advice is appreciated.

iRobot Rooma 530 Review

I am far too fond of this vacuum, heck it even has a name. Internetz meet Gertie, my newest minion.

Recommendations For A Vacuum Cleaner That Would Be Comparable To A Dyson But Cost Less

I’ve been thinking about purchasing one but the only thing holding me back is the fact that my house isn’t covered in carpet except for the basement which isn’t a very large space. Can anyone recommend a vacuum cleaner that would be comparable to Dyson but cost less?

Review of Bissell PRO Lite Vacuum

First thing that impressed me about the PRO Lite vacuum is the fact that it has a limited five year warranty. If I’m going to pay for something I need to know that it’s not going to crap out right away.

Review of Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner

Hardwood flooring has its own set of issues, one of which is that most chemicals for sanitizing are a definite no and vinegar falls into a grey area of maybe, but not too much, and rinse again after use.

Should I Use My Vacuum On Construction Dust Clean-up?

This might sound lazy of me, I do like to cut corners when I can, but will it damage the vacuum to use it for this or just fill up the bag quickly?

Should I Vacuum Or Dust First?

My mother says you dust after you vacuum, my mother-in-law says you dust then vacuum. I’d rather knit sweaters for my cat from the dust bunnies, but could you settle the debate?

Vacuuming Long Hair And Pet Hair

I’m curious to know what’s the best vacuum for someone with long hair and a cat that has short hair. I’ve got a nice Kenmore canister vac, but my hair bogs up the roller constantly. And I ain’t cuttin’ my hair.

Vacuum Recommendations From The Home-Ec 101 Audience

I am in the market for a new vacuum, and would love feedback on what everyone has and likes. I know you have a Dyson and love it, but not sure if my budget is Dyson or not.  I read Consumer Reports, and they seemed to favor the Hoovers.

Vacuuming Refrigerator Coils

Vacuuming the refrigerator coils not only extends the life of your refrigerator, but it helps save electricity, because a dusty fridge has to work harder.

Bonus: Carpet Care 101

The basics of carpet cleaning are pretty standard. However, it is important to adhere to your manufacturer’s recommendations or you run the risk of voiding the warranty and who wants to do that?

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