Those mysterious socks

retrochick.JPGIvy says:

John H over at Salem’s Lots was wondering where the socks go:

I normally do the laundry. Over the years, socks began disappearing during the laundry cycle at some indiscernible point. Tonight, while watching my basketball bracket begin to bleed (Texas A and M losing to Memphis), I decided to do a complete sock audit…gather em’ all up in one pile..launder them and attempt to sort them out. I now have 19 single socks that have no hope of a mate…kinda like singles night at the Battle Star Galactica clubhouse..

Conveniently, my ex-stepfather-in-law is an appliance repairman, and I asked him this question once. He told me when he has taken apart washers and dryers, he has found myriad socks in the guts. He then went on to explain how that happened in a technical manner, and my brain shut down, so I don’t actually have the technical explanation. But I can assure you, it is not the sock gnomes, it is not that the socks decided to suddenly become communists and un-mate, and it is not due to dark magic perpetuated by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. There’s an actual mechanical reason.

I did listen up when he told me how to remedy the situation, and I think his idea is genius. Put your socks in a lingerie bag. Think about how easy this is- you could have the lingerie bag by your bed, and every nightyou can just put your socks in there. Once a week, drop the bag into the wash, and lo and behold, no more missing socks!


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    Thanks for the thoughts. I really do like the possibility of a lingerie bag (I don’t seem to own one right now, but..) over the option of pinning the damn socks together before washing and unpinning them aferwards. I’ll just buy new socks before I resort to that level of housework.

    Your site is fan-mazing!

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    there are clips you can get too that are a little less of a pita than pinning, BUT the lingerie bag also prevents you from dropping a sock on your way too and from the laundry as well. i think thats where most of them wind up here. under the couch, stolen away by sock gnomes…

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    So do we need to be worried about the socks already in our washing machine? Is there a way to get them out without calling a repairman?

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    Is there some thing you use in the dryer to clean it out, like a brush that goes down the lint trap hole to pull out what has escaped the screen and built up? I thought I saw that here, but I can’t remember/find it.

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