The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Cookies: Which Cookies Ship The Best

Hey ladies!
I’m planning on baking some cookies and shipping them as Christmas gifts. I’m thinking I’ll make some chocolate cookies, chocolate no-bakes, and snickerdoodles. Do you think these will travel well? If not, can you give me some suggestions? Thanks!


Cookie Monster’s Sister

Ivy says:

It’s true, some cookies travel better than others. In general, you want to send cookies that are not fragile or delicate, that have some moisture to them, but not too much. And if you are shipping during extremely warm weather, nothing that might get too melty.

In case you need recipes, here’s several that will travel well: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, oatmeal cookies, biscotti, snickerdoodles, chocolate no-bake cookies. (And our newfound ability to print pages without images should make it a snap for you to print them out!)

A word (or 50) on packing them to ship: you’ll want to pack them in tins, bags, or boxes separate from the shipping box you will use. Pack them tightly, because you don’t want them to move much during the shipping process. Then use packing peanuts or lots of paper to keep the boxes or tins from moving as well. I find when shipping cookies in tins, if you put some plastic wrap over the top and then put the lid on, you get a tighter seal and they stay fresher longer.

Hope the Cookie Monster loves his cookies!

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  1. JRae on December 4, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    Hey, about those no-bake cookies…

    What kind of oatmeal should you use? Instant? Rolled Oats? I’m interested in using steel cut oats, but wonder if I’d have to cook them a little before adding the other stuff to soften them up?

    Also, I wonder how they would be if you used chunky peanut butter? Little peanut chunks in with the oats?

    Mmmmm… 🙂

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