The recipes are coming! The recipes are coming!

Dear Home Ec 101:

Can I possibly get all of the recipes you mention?

~Hungry in Huntsville

Heather says:

Never fear, the recipes are on their way.  I am working on a big side project for this site.  This week’s menu has gotten shuffled, my husband’s work schedule has been nuts, and I’m not perfect.

I like to test the recipes shortly before posting, even if they are old standbys.  Sometimes I unconsciously tweak measurements or methods and I always want the dish we enjoy to be re-creatable by even a novice cook.  I also experiment frequently with new recipes as I search for frugal alternatives and many posted on the web are mediocore at best.  I only want to pass along recipes I am proud to have associated with the Home Ec 101 name.

Thank you for your patience.